Dress rehearsal

Please excuse my Mountain Man – he’s refused to shave, cut his hair (or wash his uniform) until baseball season was over. I’m not 100% happy with the sleeves. I suspected as much going in – I even made sure I’d have enough for a recut. My son has not been home much and by the time I decided they needed recutting it was too late. You can see that the sleeve cap needs more height so I’ll make that change next time. But, bless him, he thinks the shirt is perfect just as it is.

The fabric is a wonderful, silky cotton with just a touch of lycra. It is from Ascher Studios and was a pleasure to work with. Year before last, Fashion Fabrics Club had many gorgeous prints from Ascher at an irresistible price so, naturally, I bought all of the ones that appealed to me. Top-quality cottons are not always easy to come by!


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4 responses to “Dress rehearsal

  1. such a handsome young man! am i allowed to say he’s a hottie? 🙂 my oldest just turned 10, i’m not sure i’m ready for any older (the moodiness has started. i’m still doing diapers for goodness sakes!)

    the shirt looks great too.

  2. Thank you, Linda! 🙂 I wouldn’t worry. I have found the high school years to be incredibly enjoyable. I’m going to miss my son and his friends terribly this fall.

  3. Els

    The vintage shirt you made for your son’s prom looks great.Your handsome son knows how to pose his new shirt.

  4. Jason Lyon

    Not to worry, inside information says that Ascher is going to have alot more to offer in the comming years.