Finished collar

You can see how the collar stays and additional fabric in the undercollar points (from the patch described below) give a nice appearance to the collar – no more curling collar tips! I’m pleased with the way this turned out. I used Palmer/Pletsch Sheer interfacing on both collars and bands. The end result is crisp without being boardy. I’ve had excellent results with this interfacing over the years. I only wish it were available by the bolt.


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2 responses to “Finished collar

  1. Jason Lyon

    Such a beautiful print, yet so sad and such a shame that your brilliant handiwork comes second to the eye upon a first look of this shirt. Well perhaps that is a plus on this garments side. Not only is it fabulous at first glance, but upon closer inspection one learns that it is a true work of love. Kudos you!

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