Aside from Simplicity/New Look, I rarely look at The Big-4 (or Big-2, whatever you prefer) patterns anymore. However, when Erin over at Dress A Day posted this pattern last week I couldn’t resist buying it.

It’s eerily similar to a vintage Vogue Nina Ricci pattern I bought last week. Which, BTW, I see Erin bought as well! A pretty dress is a pretty dress.

My one concern is that the gathering below the midriff band will be too much for me. I’m not small-waisted so I may have to reduce the fullness a bit. I have quite a few nice rayons and silks in my stash so I’m thinking of making the McCall’s (the Vogue pattern hasn’t arrived yet) dress to wear to a brunch on Sunday. I think the secret to this style is using very drapey and light-weight fabric. I like the tie because it will make the dress somewhat adjustable through my weight-loss journey.


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4 responses to “Dresses!

  1. Erin

    This kimono dress style is quite the rage, an elegant follow up to the boho skirt that I dare not wear in fear of being mistaken for a hippy. I heart punk rock. The new issue of Lucky magazine features a slew of these dresses paired with chunky monkey heels. I like that the 70’s motif is carrying on. Probably because my genneration (b. 1975) is coming into our own and reminiscing the way we first remember our mothers dressing. Also Anthropologie has had a few of these online, and now they are in the sale section. I am going out to find the McCalls right away. Another pattern drafting project off the list. Thanks gigi.

  2. All the old stuff I wore as a child is coming back. Kinda scary and makes you feel old, but it looks great most of the time.

  3. Jason Lyon

    Hello, sweetie, let me begin with letting you know that I am loving your blog! This new pattern is actually a knock off of a (I hate myself for forgetting) young british designer who did this dress 3 years ago and it snowballed into a trend. They were actually going off of original Ossie Clark designs from the ’70s Check him out, I know you’ll love him.

  4. Jason Lyon

    I just read your plans for the McCalls pattern and might I suggest using a silk jersey? As hard as it is to handle under the needle mirrors as flattering it is to all changing body types.