Another new dress!

While going through my stash the other day I found a treasure:

These are beautiful, high-quality rayons from Doncaster. A few years ago, I was teaching a week-long fitting workshop at Bernina Says Sew in the Charlotte, NC area with my former teaching partner and friend, Emma Seabrooke. The manager of the shop raved about the Tanner Outlet in Rutherfordton so, naturally, we had to go there. We were so anxious to get there that we ate fast food (I never eat fast food) in the car instead of stopping for lunch! Aside from Doncaster clothing, jewelry and accessories, the shop also sold past-season fabric ends. The fabrics were exquisite and we ended up buying quite a lot.

So, these two fabrics will become another McCall’s 5137. I will be using the small print for the neck band and for narrow piping at the waist and hem band. I will use the large print for the main sections – I didn’t want it to be too busy. The fabric has a heavy drape and is thick enough that I can probably get away without a slip – always a bonus in my humid climate.


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7 responses to “Another new dress!

  1. Ooh, I love those two fabrics together. It should go together pretty fast the second time around. Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Gigi – I’m still thinking of Georgene hot-fix idea, except here I’d maybe use a gunmetal color stud, a tiny one though, on the larger print.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Gigi,
    I love your new dress and the one you are planning next. Do you think I can use a cotton described at as being soft? I am afraid that this dress needs more a fabric with more drape. The link shows the fabric I was considering. Thanks! Lisette

  4. That’s a beautiful print, Lisette! Personally, I like this dress in a drapey fabric. I think cottons would be really nice on someone tall but I need all the vertical lines I can get. 😉 Erin over at Dress A Day has made this pattern in cotton – why not go and have a look?

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks Gigi, I went and looked and you can see the difference in the look. I might risk it since I like the wood block prints so much…

  6. SewingLibrarian

    Gigi, do you know if the Tanner/Doncaster outlet is still there? I was there many years ago (when we still lived in Ohio), and I got some lovely fabrics. One was a remnant that they sold me by the pound, I believe. The only bad part was my husband got a speeding ticket on the way to Rutherfordton from Ashville!
    Linda S.

  7. Linda, I have no idea whether it is still there or not. I still have their business card – the telephone # is 828-287-3637. Maybe you could give them a call when you are in the area. If they are still there, please buy a lot of stuff and tell us all about it!