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If you dare tempt the Sewing Fates (as I did yesterday) by beginning a new project while piles of UFOs await completion you will be punished. You will make a big cutting error and the adorable Pucci-print dress you envisioned wearing all summer will never become a reality. Trust me. After said mistake, I had two choices 1) shut off the iron and take a nap or 2) get right back on the horse and finish one of those UFOs. I bravely chose option #2. I had known what this beautiful rayon/lycra knit from Textile Studios would become from the moment it arrived: a wrap top (Onion 5032) to wear with jeans. Why it took me so long to finish, I have no idea but here it is – finally. One to-do crossed off the list!

Maybe the Fates will feel that I have sufficiently redeemed myself and will allow some more of that brown Pucciesque rayon/lycra to appear.


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5 responses to “UFO Central

  1. Cute top! I was looking at my swatch of that fabric the other day and was trying to figure out why I didn’t buy any?? What was I thinking??? I hope you can find some of the pucci fabric!!

  2. Melissa

    Adorable top – love the fabric!!!

  3. sorry to hear about your pucci fabric drama – i am really enjoying our blog – where do you buy your onion patterns?

  4. Pretty! I’ve got to start cutting onions soon. I am so curious how they will fit.

  5. gigi, great great top. I have a wrapdress to be made here. Just the fabric has to arrive.

    marietta. MariaDenmark from patternreview will open her shop soon. The adress will be http://www.shoponion.com, if you need you can write her ( or me, I can buy them locally ) an email.