Coverstitching over serged seams

Coverhemming over a bulky serged seam is easy! I’ve been using this method for years. Don’t be afraid to clip close to the seamline – I haven’t lost a seam yet. 🙂

Before turning up the hem, clip to the seamline at the foldline.

Then, turn the hem seam allowance in the opposite direction of the garment seam allowance before turning up the hem.

This will give you a nice smooth seam to stitch over.

Best of all, you won’t have all of those tiny, crooked stitches on either side of the seamline!


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12 responses to “Coverstitching over serged seams

  1. Great idea Gigi! Sometiems the most brilliant solutions are the sismple ones.

  2. *Smacking Forehead*
    I’ve been turning the seam allownces like that for a long time, but I never thought I could clip them to avoid the whole lumpy twist (which was still better than the lumpy-all-seams-in-one-direction).

    I will clip from now on…why didn’t I think of that??

    thanks, Gigi!

  3. Great idea and yes, it’simple. So simple I never thought of it! I’ve been wrestling with ways to avoid the lumpy seam and the horrid stitching that results when you go over the bump. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. Anonymous

    What a brilliant technique. I tried it today, and it worked great. I was actually having fun doing a coverstitch! Thanks, Gigi. You’ve earned mega brownie points with this one!

  5. I always seem to be a day late and dollar short when it comes to learning about or reading something. This is most helpful tip. Better late than never!

  6. roslyn

    Great tip & so simple

  7. zstitches

    Great idea.

  8. Duh, just like the quilters do it! My technique from now on. thanks for this easy eye opener!

  9. Wish I would’ve discovered this tip last week. Bookmarking for future reference. Thanks.

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  11. Ann Schucker

    Please add me as a subscriber to your wonderful blog.

  12. pat callen

    Great stuff