Bonus tank top

I love to wear tank tops around the house so I was thrilled to see that I had just enough of the Pucci-inspired fabric left over to squeeze out a Loes Hinse Tank. This tank top is really easy and fits nicely. I like the fact that my bra doesn’t show – even under the arm. To finish the edges I used some ruffled lingerie elastic. There isn’t much black in this print but, believe it or not, I didn’t have any brown or beige elastic in my stash that didn’t look like it belonged on a pair of panties. So, I made due with what I had on hand. I added the flat bow because it just looked like it needed *something*.


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7 responses to “Bonus tank top

  1. Vicki

    That print is adorable. I think I like the tank better than the dress (and I love the dress!). The lack of detail over the bust really shows off the print. Wish I had some…..

  2. nanflan

    I love getting a bonus garment out of a great fabric. This must be particularly sweet for you since you almost didn’t have enough fabric for the dress! The black trim looks great with the brown print…

  3. Gigi – Manolo sums it ups best for me; “Pucci makes the smiles!”

  4. I’m with Nanflan; it’s so cool to get a bonus and you really earned this one! That’s a great top, too…no one will ever know it was a leftover 😉

  5. OMG Gigi, I just love this, and your dress!

  6. Hi,I love your dress and tank.Where did you find the Pucci Inspired fabric?