Pool table cover – Part 1

My Hot Patterns Sunshine Top is all ready to be cut out and then, once again, I am distracted by my very demanding house! Way back, in the beginning of June, I had our pool table recovered. At the same time, I ordered a custom cover for the table – naturally, my table would have to be a slightly odd size – none of the ready-made covers will fit. Naturally. Well, here it is August and I’m still waiting for my custom cover. I called the shop two weeks ago. They can’t find my order and will call me the next day. I’m still waiting. I am so sick of looking at the white sheets that have been covering the table for two and a half months. You see, we have to keep the table covered because my cat, Kanga, thinks the pool table is a really great bed. I don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to remove cat hair from wool felt. I won’t even tell you about the little hairball “accident” she had a few years ago. The table needs a cover, period.

While I would much rather have a cover made from a beautiful decorator fabric, I settle on vinyl simply because cat hair won’t stick to it and any little spills can be wiped off with a damp cloth. I’m becoming very practical. The less I have to clean the more sewing time I will have. 🙂 I decide on marine vinyl because it is a nice weight and fairly thick. So, I measure the table. It is 56″ wide. Of course, most marine vinyl is 55″ wide so I know I will have to do some piecing. Just to make things more difficult and time-consuming, I decide to piece a design rather than just straight seams. Here is what I came up with (very quilt-like and I’m not even a quilter!):

Stay tuned. With a little luck, I will have this sucker finished today!


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5 responses to “Pool table cover – Part 1

  1. I hope you take a picture of your fabulous-sounding cover when it’s done and show it to the folks who ‘lost’ your order (and apparently the note to return your call) when you tell them to cancel the lost order, you don’t need it anymore… 😉

  2. Ditto – I agree with Lisa!

  3. Gigi, is there somewhere I can get instructions for rotating a dart out at the side seam? I can’t quite picture how this works. Thank you.

  4. Carol, you can see how to do that in Palmer/Pletsch’s Fit For Real People.

  5. I see something like that on page 159.
    I never believed it would work — just chopping off part of the pattern. Is there a maximum amount you would rotate to the side seam and, apparently, just cut it off? Thanks very much Gigi. You are an inspiration to me.