Pool table cover – Final

Woohoo! It’s finished! This is certainly not a project I am anxious to tackle again anytime soon. The sewing was easy enough but trying to control so much (nearly 6 yards) heavy vinyl was very tiring. My shoulders, neck and arms are killing me! In a real workroom, the machine’s power stand would be inset into a large work table. I’m not that lucky so I had some of the cover resting on a chair next to me and the rest on my lap.

I wanted the finished cover to have plenty of ease – this is just a large cat bed, after all. πŸ˜‰ A snug cover would have turned it into a cat trampoline. I somehow miscalculated the length, not allowing enough ease for the center of the cover to lay flat against the table. Rather than remove the sashing strips (ugh) I borrowed yet another idea from my quilting friends: double sashing strips a la the Log Cabin pattern. I simply cut down all four sides and added a second set of strips. The ones on the end are a wee bit wider to make up for my mistake. Not perfect but not bad enough that I’d want to start all over. It’s a pool table cover, after all. Besides, none of my friends carry a tape measure with them.

I’m very happy with the way the corners turned out. I used the same technique that I used on my son’s tailored bedskirt. I sewed the side pieces on first then added a 9″ wide piece underneath. I hemmed the underpiece but left the sides unhemmed to reduce bulk.

I think one of the hardest things about a project like this is figuring out what to do as you go along. I can tell you how much ease I like in a straight skirt (2″) or how much ease I like in a pillow cover (-1″) but I’m a bit lost when it comes to pool table covers so I had to wing it and really exercise my sewing brain. It will be easier next time. Just let me rest for a few years.

Last, but not least, I have to praise Connie, my wonderful walking-foot machine! I am sooooo glad I bought her. She sailed through this project with flying colors, every stitch as perfect as the last. Mwa!

I was a bit intimidated when I first brought her home. Knowing that the foot could walk right over my finger was a little scary – especially when you take a look at the ginormous needle (I think this one is a 22). After two big projects and a couple of purses, we’re old pals.


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7 responses to “Pool table cover – Final

  1. Oh Gigi, congrats to you and Connie!!! The new cat bed, er, pool table cover, is simply gorgeous. Connie’s stitching is a thing of beauty and your design is so straight and to the point, gets the job done with style.

    I’m impressed! Bravo!!!!!!!!!

    Now on to some nice light weight garment sewing, eh?

  2. umm…exactly how many sewing machines do you have? I’m not being a smart aleck, I’m salivating! Are you the same Gigi over at fashion incubator? I really need to stop spending 1/2 my morning reading everything over there!

    Nice pool tabel cover, I really like the corners.

  3. Isn’t FI the best? I could spend hours reading everything there! Yes, I’m the same Gigi. πŸ™‚ How many machines? Well, I have 4 sewing machines, 2 coverstitch machines, a serger, a blindstitch and two embroidery machines – all industrial except for two of the sewing machines. Just the right amount, no? πŸ˜‰

  4. Great job, Gigi! Sewing vinyl in this weather … even more impressive. πŸ˜‰

    BTW, is your regular website gone? I was looking for stash rolling inspiration but I can’t find the pic I knew you had.

  5. Very sharp cat bed! Your kitties will be the envy of all their feline friends… πŸ˜‰

    I bet that’s much more interesting than the cover of the lost order…

  6. I’m coming late to the party – had to work yesterday, but your table cover is gorgeous! I do love the black with the white topstitching. Fanstatic job.

  7. Erin Green

    I’ve been looking for a pool table cover for about 4 hours and I must say….yours looks like the best one I’ve seen. I’m just sad I can’t order one! Someone should manufacture this.