Hot Patterns Sunshine Tops – Part 3

Well, my plan to move some of the gathers further up over the bust didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. You can see from the Very Bad Bathroom Mirror Photo (I’m sorry, I know it’s blurry) that it causes weird wrinkles/folds above the bust. I should have been able to anticipate that. Plan B: I’ve marked a new gathering area on the neckband and will need to rotate the FBA to a vertical dart and rotate that out at the side seam. I really want to get this just right because I know I will be making this top again and again – it’s really pretty.


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7 responses to “Hot Patterns Sunshine Tops – Part 3

  1. Instead of moving the existing gathers over, try marking new lines on the pattern and using slash and spread or just pivot to add them. then, if that’s too much gathering total, take some out of the original gathered area. That will take away the puckered look under the arm and make the gathers lay smoothly.

    I really like the partial print on the yoke. very nice touch.

  2. Gigi,

    I bet no non-sewer will ever notice 🙂

  3. I agree with Tini – if I weren’t a sewing teacher, I probably wouldn’t notice the horizontal lines. Most sewers wouldn’t notice either. Gigi – how about a tutorial on rotating darts? I think it would be a great help.

  4. I would pay for a tutorial on rotating darts!

  5. Even though you have alterations to make on this, your top is still looking very good. I really like this style, I may have to eventually pick this one up. I can’t wait to see your finished top!

  6. coolobreeze

    Hey, Gigi,

    I appreciate all you sewing techniques and inspiration. I have followed your blog for sometime now, and I noticed that you’ve dropped a LOT of weight! Congratulations…

    What method did you use. I need to drop about 20 pounds.


  7. Thanks for noticing Tyna! It all started with stress (which I don’t recommend) but I’ve kept it off just being more active and watching my portions. I eat whatever I want, just smaller amounts and stay away from “diet” foods. I just find real food much more satisfying. Good luck!