Hot Patterns Sunshine Top

Finally, here is the photo of my completed HP Sunshine Top. To be honest, I generally wear fitted tops because fuller ones can sometimes look too maternity on figures like mine but I LOOOOOVE this top! The cut actually makes me look slimmer and smaller busted – it’s a real winner. The secret is the cut and depth of the neckline. Beware that this is probably not something you’ll wear to the office as it is (it is in the Weekender collection, after all) although the neckline would be very easy to raise if you so desire.

This pattern uses the new HP sizing. I used a size 10 because that’s what I normally use in HP tops and dresses. I should have tried on my Hippie Chick Dress before beginning because, due to weight loss, it was a little too large through the upper chest. As in the Big 4, an 8 is the best size for me to start with. As always, I had to make a full bust adjustment as I didn’t have enough room in the front even with the gathers. I am very pleased with the fit except for one tiny issue that my fellow Sewing Divas helped me work out. I will show those alterations as soon as I redraw the pattern. I’ll tell you, it is such a luxury to be able to bounce these things off of my very talented sewing friends. The thing I love most about sewing is the constant learning of new skills. I’ve been sewing for years and still have so much to learn! How nice that we never lose those Aha! moments.

One thing you’ll want to be aware of in this top is the length. Hot Patterns are drafted for a tall woman – I am just under 5’4″ with most of my shortness being above the waist. I cut about 3″ off to finish the top at mid hip. Otherwise, this pattern was well drafted and went together without a hitch.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the metallic transfer is the Blomster Print from Shop Onion. I use a lot of transfers in my business and can assure you that these are of the highest quality.


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17 responses to “Hot Patterns Sunshine Top

  1. lovely! i’ve been eyeing this pattern too (thought i’m about to try simplicity 4076 with a gathered neckline. any chance we can see it on YOU?

  2. I will try but I can never take a decent self-portrait. Perhaps when DS is home from school in a few weeks.

  3. I love it. With your coloring, I bet this top looks great on you. Not such a good color with my aging red hair. Your time spent on a muslin was well worth it. Yes, let us see this one on you.

  4. Thanks for the picture, I’ve been waiting to see how you did the FBA on it, before I give it a try. I hope you post when you redraw your last adjustment. It looks really pretty, I hope to see a picture of it on you, too. Are you still going to do a beaded version?

  5. Sunshine! It’s perfect Gigi. I think I might give this a one a try. 🙂

  6. Beautiful! I got the simplicity ‘version’ of this top and was so dissapointed in it. I may give this one a whirl, how low is the neckline on the Sunshine top?

  7. Lisa

    Nice top! I love the color.
    But I must disagree with you about patterns being made for tall people. 🙂 I am 6 feet tall. The patterns companies don’t make the patterns to fit me either!

  8. Mel

    Beautiful top Gigi,
    I really like the embellishment

  9. I adore it, Gigi. I ordered this pattern a few days ago and I’m anxious to get it now that I’ve seen how fabulous yours is.

  10. Lorna Newman

    Love the finished top, gigi! That little embellishment really dresses this up. I can see this in a number of different fabrics … I was considering reworking the Cadeau top to mimic this as I already have that altered up. What do you think?

  11. I am glad to see the finished product. I have not had good experience with HP but I bought this pattern due to multisizing and I really love the look of the top.

    I will look forward to your FBA infornation for this top as I am sure that I will need it to get the right upper chest always requires smaller size for that area.

    Like you I am 5ft3 1/4inces, but shortness is in my hips and legs so may not have to much of an adjustment. I really do like the color of the detail at neckline.

  12. I simply lust after hot patterns. Every time I go to the site, I end up putting about 10 patterns in my cart, then can’t decide which to throw out so I can actually afford to check out! I want them all! Great shirt, can’t wait to see it on you.

  13. Beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous, and every other superlative I can come up with! I need to get me that pattern, I think!

  14. I’m also 6′ tall. Thankfully, my wise grandmother taught me to sew at age 10.

    Nice top, Gigi!

  15. rosephreak (Claire)

    Gigi, I don’t see a way to email you, but have you seen the recent post on PR? People are looking for you and miss you. Thought you might want to know. If you didn’t, then I apologize for my presumption.

    I LOVE your top. You are incenting me to give Hot Patterns a try. Happy sewing, Gigi.

  16. Very pretty Gigi! I’d been looking forward to seeing your final version and it was worth the wait. The gathers came out very nice across the front … small and flattering, instead of big and bulky. I hope that came out right and you know what I mean.

  17. Kirsten

    Hi Gigi,

    I wanted to compliment you on your gorgeous top and great technique. I wanted to also say that you are right about Hot Patterns running really tall. I just finished my first attempt at a wearable muslin for a pair of their pants, and they were originally 14″ too long. I am 5′ 10″ in the high heeled boots I wore to establish the hem length… its not just you! First time I ever felt short in my life 🙂