Metro Textile samples

I received these samples from Kashi this week. These are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous cottons! Unfortunately, they are not my color. 😦 The shirred fabric is a very delicate voile (or gauze) and is elasticated. The pintucked fabric is cotton batiste. They go together beautifully! If you’re interested in these, you can give Kashi a call at 212-290-0418. I’m not affiliated with Metro Textiles – just a very happy customer!


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2 responses to “Metro Textile samples

  1. Quirkygal on PR

    I was at Metro today – first time visit – and Kashi asked how I heard about his shop. I told him about you and Ann on PR and he said I had just missed Ann and pointed to a very large sealed box heading out to you!

    My brush with two of the sewing divas – so cool!

    Metro has won a new customer. I spent wwwwaaaaayyyyy more than I intended but the fabric quality and price can’t be beat. 100% heavy silks for $6 yard — bettery quality than what I saw at Bloomingdales on a recent looking trip, sweater knits to die for, and wool cashmere blends — 60″ wide no less – for around $10. Unreal. Plus Kashi and his assistant have such a great eye for color and matching things – they are truly dangerous men to know ;~)

  2. Quirkygal, I’m sorry I missed you! CMarie12 (Carolyn) and Barbara Bell were there too. We were probably at M&J while you were at Metro. Next time I want to convince Gigi to fly up to NYC and meet us!