Embroidered cotton from Kashi

When Diva Ann was in NYC with fellow sewing fanatics Carolyn and Barbara, she found this beautiful embroidered cotton voile for me at Kashi’s (Metro Textiles).

The colors look a bit off in the photo, I’m afraid. The red is a very deep red and the green is a light olive. I know this doesn’t look like “my” colors but my eyes are a bright olive green so it works very well for me – good call, Ann! I receive lots of compliments every time I wear olive so I’ve vowed to add more to my wardrobe. You really can’t see it very well but the fabric is embroidered with gold metallic thread. This will make a great shirt.


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3 responses to “Embroidered cotton from Kashi

  1. Gigi ~ how did such a beautiful piece get by me! *smile* Ann took really good care of you that day, fer sure! Can’t wait to see what this becomes!

  2. Love that fabric! Can’t wait to see it made up.

  3. Absolutely stunning. It reminds me of a red Indian jacket I bought last year with similar fabric, but with a very simple, slimming design. You will look fabulous.–>