Simplicity 4020

I’ve liked this knit kimono top ever since the pattern first came out. I received this rayon/lycra from Sawyer Brook last week and immediately thought of this pattern! As a bonus, I won’t have to add it to the stash. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I made a straight 8 and it fits well but I think next time I’d add a tiny bit of width at the underbust seam to better fit my large rib cage. Sorry about the photo, I could not get this on my dressform to save my soul!

S4020 rayon/lycra

This is View D with the shorter kimono sleeve. I thought the longer one would be a little overwhelming on someone of my height. The pattern allows for a 1.25″ sleeve hem, I wanted a 1″ wide band (I see now that I should have made it the same width as the neckband – next time) so I cut 1″ off of the sleeves and cut a band the needed length (20.5″ in my case) by 2.5″ wide. I used a 1/4″ seam allowance to attach the band. I only wish I’d had more fabric so that I could have cut the band for the left sleeve from a pinker part of the fabric for more contrast.


This was just the quick and easy project I was looking for this morning. Since I’m still in dire need of more casual tops I think I’ll make it one more time before putting the pattern away and getting back to my other projects.


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18 responses to “Simplicity 4020

  1. BjP

    Gigi, that’s a lovely top. I have a favor to ask of you, tho. Your blog background is so black and dark and the white text is so difficult to read. I wondered if perhaps you could lighten the background so we all can see what you have to say – and create – better! Thanks very much. (I couldn’t find an e-mail address for you or I wouldn’t done that instead of posting it here!)

  2. PhyllisC

    Groovy Baby! Gigi, that fabric is *pregfect*!

  3. I think that top looks great. I’m glad to see that you are back to sewing for you. g

  4. BjP

    Thanks, Gigi….I can READ your blog this morning! Yay. BTW, I have this pattern and was wanting to make the sleeveless version, but with sleeves. Does that make sense? Ha. Your version, and the fabric, is lovely.

  5. Summerset

    Cute – a perfect project!

  6. I love this version and that fabric is great.

  7. Gigi, I just love that! I have this pattern sitting on my sewing table queued up as the next project. Yours is inspirational!

  8. Love the fabric, love the top and love the new look for the blog! I spent a long time at Sawyer Brook today, drooling over fabrics. If I can make up my mind, I see a shipment in my future!

  9. The top is lovely, what beautiful fabric.

  10. It’s beautiful! Love the fabric too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Els

    Cute little kimono top and beautiful fabric. Thanks for changing the blog background it is so much more pleasant to read now.

  12. I like this pattern too! Cute yet comfortable. Love the fabric!

  13. Dina D.

    another winner;-) luv the colors.

  14. I love your version Gigi! I have this pattern and I can’t wait to make it.

  15. What a gorgeous fabric. Looks great made up in this top!

  16. arturobandini

    do you have any tips on altering this pattern (or generally speaking any other) for maternity? i am 5 months pregnant and kind of confused about pattern making for the next several months. as well as deal with my DD/E bust potentially growing any larger!

  17. Diane

    Hello Gigi.
    This is a beautiful top. You mentioned that you used a knit fabric. Do you have any photos of the knit close-up? I’m wondering what kind of knit you used. THank you for the info.
    Diane in Michigan

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