Hot Patterns Cha Cha Cha Dress

You didn’t think I’d really leave you without posting a photo of my new dress, did you? This dress is just too adorable! Leave it to Trudy to give us something that’s not only different and fashionable but a snap to sew as well. The back skirt is a full wrap (two full skirt back pieces) that will not leave you feeling as if you are about to expose yourself – you know what I’m talking about. It will also eliminate the need for a slip in many fabrics. I know I don’t want to wear one when the temps and the humidity percentages are in the 90s!



I’ll share more of the construction with you when I return. One important thing to note is that the ties are quite long. I only wrapped them around the front and then to the back once – they are intended to come back around the front and tie at the side but that was too bulky for this fabric. I lengthened my dress 4″ (3″ would have sufficed) and the ties are still a little longer than the hemline. When I return I am going to shorten them about 4″. For now, they are a “design feature”. 🙂

Here’s a lousy mirror picture of the bodice- I figured you’d rather see it than not. Adding the cups as described in my mini-tutorial at TheSewingDivas worked out great and gives me a nice shape.


The beautiful rayon/lycra fabric is from Fabric Mart. I really wish I’d bought more!


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29 responses to “Hot Patterns Cha Cha Cha Dress

  1. Els

    Great halter dress and lovely fabric thanks for sharing the pics.Enjoy your short break at the beach.

  2. I love it! Makes me want to hurry and sew up my pattern now!

  3. I love this dress and it looks fabulous!

  4. Holly

    I LOVE hot patterns.

  5. That dress is fabulous! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  6. Gigi ~ I knew I recognized that fabric! The dress is beautiful and thanks for adding the shot of you in it. It fits so well with the bra cups added. Thanks for sharing and have a great time at the beach!

  7. Wow, that is some dress … I love the fabric, too! It has such a nice shape to the dress, it is very flattering on you, girlfriend!

    Have fun on the beach …

  8. I like the dress. I am wanting to make it soon and will probably add the cups too. I have a nice silky fabric that I got at Hancocks, the only problem is that it’s 3yards of 60″ fabric. Do you think this might work?

  9. wow. that’s all i can say. wow.

  10. Jen

    Oh its just fabulous!! Thanks for the pics! I have that dress on the way to me now, at least I hope it has been shipped by now. I have fabric all ready for the scoop neck version of it. I think you already mentioned this but since you chose a stretch fabric did you choose one size smaller than you normally would have?

  11. Thanks for all of your nice comments! Jen, yes I did select a size smaller for my knit fabric. And I could even take it in a weensy bit more. Ariane, I used 3 yards of 60″ fabric and had enough leftover to make self-fabric binding and cording.

  12. Marita

    Hey Gigi, I’m so glad you got back to sewing and that dress is just too faboulous:-)

  13. The dress look beautiful. I’m going to try to make one next, but I’ve never worked with knits….how do you get the tension right? When I sew stuff that streches the stitch line always puckers, how do you fix that? Thanks!

  14. Wow that is fabulous! I am going to make this one, and I think I’m going to steal your bra cups idea for it. Thanks Gigi!

  15. Kara

    Just beautiful!!!! I can’t wait for my pattern to get here now! 🙂 Gorgeous fabric and thanks for the breast cup tutorial.


  16. Gigi, the dress looks great. I kept looking at that fabric at FM. Your dress makes the fabric even more gorgeous. I can understand why you wish you had purchased more.

  17. rubydarling

    I’ve seen a few version of this dress (on other blogs) and I think your looks the best. The fabric is a perfect match and I will so make use of your ‘adding bra cups to dresses’ tutorial! Thank you.

  18. Kira


    I love this idea for the halter dress. And, of course, have plans to snatch it (for the HP CCC pat and also for Vogue 8387).

    In looking through websites, I’ve come across several different cup shapes. Can you give a quick rundown on which shape to use for which application? Or do you know of a website/book that covers the info?

    Thank you for putting this together,

  19. When I first saw the fabric I honestly didn’t like it, but now that it’s made into this dress I think it’s fabulous and I wouldnt’ hesitate for a minute to wear it. Do you really find that a sewn in bra supports you? I am a 34 D and not very perky either. I’d love to wear halter dresses b/c I have nice shoulders….but the lack of bra is always, always, the issue. (Unless it has large enough straps to conceal the bra.)

  20. Kelly in Milwaukee

    Gigi – knockout dress! (bought the same fabric at EOS for probably twice the price as FabricMart)

  21. Annie

    I stumbled across your website and love the dress. I’m in a similar dilemma as Kira and Dawn (April 2007 postings). I need to put bra cups in an existing halter dress with a plunge neckline. The material is a stretchy eyelet type. Foe lift and modesty what type cups should I use?


  22. hi, I have been reading up on your kansai machine and i would like to know exactly what is the difference with an industrial overlocker to the coverstitch like the one you have. I have the opportunity to purchase either the green one or the type that you have at a very low rate and was wondering if to take the plunge. I am in the process of setting up a tailoring business, and was wondering if this might just be one of the equipment needed. thanks

  23. Jennifer S.

    Gigi, your dress is wonderful!! Thanks for the inspiration to get this dress made now. The tips for adding the bra cups are perfect- I want to pick some up and finish this dress this weekend.

  24. Where, oh where are you, Gigi? I miss your blog posts, and I see you haven’t posted on the Guild in a month … Everything OK down in the sunshine state?

  25. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  26. I stumbled across your blog and am enjoying myself so much, just reading through posts! I’ve been getting back into sewing lately, *just* got a new (old) dress form, and saw your dress here – it’s lovely! Could I pretty please ask that you point me to the post, or mention, where you describe how you put the bra cups in the dress? I think I can manage it but some pointers would be so helpful!

    Thanks for doing this blog – it’s so much fun!

  27. Nushy13

    could u explain the way u sew the bracups in the dress better?i just dont seem to get the hang of it. How do you do it with non-strechable fabric?

  28. With the 70s and 80s back in style, I just loving vintage clothing from the thrift shops. You can find designers like Chanel and Armani for cheap there.

  29. yety

    thanks for the tutorial its so awakening and i enjoyed my self.pls could you also give me a tutorial on how to cut a bustier cos the local desingners here in nigeria have not been of much help