Hot off the Press!

I was beyond delighted when I received the latest Hot Patterns newsletter today! I have been complaining to anyone who will listen that the styles, both in the pattern books and in the stores, are just so dull – nothing more than remakes of styles we’ve all seen for the past few seasons. Then, along comes the HP Metropolitan Collection!

I immediately thought of Phyllis when I saw the Sleek & Chic Skirts. This is the perfect serious work skirt!


You’ll have to Tie Me Down to keep me from making these tops! I really love smocking – it isn’t easy to do smocking in such a sophisticated way.


This is a great dress-up-or-down coatdress! It would even work open as a light coat for those of us in the tropics:


The Super Fly Skirt would be fab with boots this fall and winter:


This is the perfect little jacket for me! I ADORE the belted back!


I am seriously IN LOVE with the Criterion blouses! How gorgeous would these be in silk charmeuse?


Now these are patterns I can really get excited about!


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18 responses to “Hot off the Press!

  1. My favorite definitely has to be the coatdress – I’ve vowed that I will wait to buy any more patterns until 1) I’m no longer pregnant 2) move (again) and unpack throughly, and 3) I finish up my biker babe jacket – ok, at least until 2 & 3 are done! LOL

  2. Karla

    You’ve made me regret buying only 2 of them….for now.

  3. Gigi – I SO agree with you! They really hit one out of the ballpark with this collection. Yes I’s love the Sleek & Chic skirt in a fine wale corduroy. I also love that the Tie Me Down blouse is for a knit. I’m already planning the bead embellished hand smocking for the shoulders and cuffs.

  4. I love them too! My favourites are the coatdress and the jacket. They’re all great and trendy!

  5. A little too buisnesslike for my taste, but still interesting patterns. I think my favorite is the cinched-waist jacket.

  6. These are really great!! Hey could you email me? I have a question. Thanks! 🙂

  7. tootsuite

    I love the entire collection. It’s a definite winner!

  8. Rachel

    I recently discovered Hot Patterns. I have been sewing for 8 years and did not know there was really anything out there other than the Big 4 pattern companies. Those are some nice patterns. I just LOVE your blog. You really inspire me.

  9. Ida

    Hi Gigi!
    You don’t know me but I’ve missed your imput on PR. I love these new patterns also. I emailed them and asked about making men’s patterns but they said they are only interested in trendy womans. Jeremy thinks the big four covers men’s! Haha.

  10. Coatdress and a pair of great boots—–make winter worth it.

  11. offthecuffstyle

    Hi Gigi,

    I agree…love this collection…so many possibilities!

    Pam from ~Off The Cuff Style~ …designing menswear….

  12. Carole

    Greetings Gigi,

    I find that Burda patterns fit the best and are the most interesting. Perhaps because I am not slender or look like the cover models. Hot patterns are ALL great but my 150 pound body doesn’t relate at all. Maybe because they are European, Burda patterns catch my eye as different from American (and I can relate to larger German women?) Would love to hear about what you other average size 14’s out there think.

    By Carole Dec. 3, 12:30–gone to bed……..

  13. Carolina

    Hi. Just found your blog. I love it! I can’t believe how fast you are. Please keep posting!!

  14. Lois

    Gigi – Just wanted to say how much I miss you on Patternreview. I finally found you on this site.
    Hope all is well with you.

    Merry Christmas
    Lois (aka KarmenG)

  15. Katharine

    Merry Christmas Gigi! Hope Santa was good to you with your pattern collection 🙂 Writing you from the Netherlands, I just moved out of Hong Kong 2 weeks ago where I taught for a semester. Brr, it’s chilly here!

  16. Karla

    You haven’t posted in ages. Please assure us that you’re okay.

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