HP Cosmopolitan Dress with scarf sleeves

The first piece of my professional wardrobe is finally finished! I am just not back up to speed yet but I should be cranking things out at top speed pretty soon.


I plan on wearing the dress with these comfortable, conservative Via Spiga pumps. Luckily, I already have four pair of conservative pumps that are office-appropriate (brown, black, burgundy and hot pink). They are always good to have around in the event that I am called for jury duty or must attend a funeral or other somber event – or go job hunting! As much as I love shoe shopping I’m glad I can concentrate on the clothes for now.


Of course, I had to rock it out just a little bit with a mabe pearl pendant on a leather choker!


This weekend I will be posting a quick tutorial at The Sewing Divas blog on how to finish the neckline with bands. It’s so easy and a nice way to use a contrasting fabric. You can also see how I’ve finished the scarf sleeve hems with a quick and easy mitering method!

Speaking of fabric, both fabrics used here are from Gorgeous Fabrics! The main fabric is Modern Dots Knit and the contrast is Dainty Dots Jersey. I’ll tell you, living here in the steamy tropics I resisted polyester fabrics for many years but these are so wonderful that I have been reformed! Plus, Ann’s collection of fabulous knit prints is truly TDF and the prices are easy on the wallet.


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26 responses to “HP Cosmopolitan Dress with scarf sleeves

  1. Summerset

    I love it – the way you used to different scale fabrics is perfect.

  2. Unfortunately not so easy on the pocket for international sewists :(( Your use of the fabrics is very appealing. Just gorgeous!!

  3. It’s beautiful – love the fabrics!

  4. Love it too.
    The contrast of the small dots with the larger is really striking.

  5. Great dress. I am in the process of planning a real wardrobe and am wondering how the polyester knit works out in Florida. I too remember 70’s polyester (sticky fabric in the heat, but some great prints back then). Here in Tennessee we have extremely high humidity in the summer heat; I’m interested in finding out if the poly knit is uncomfortable.

  6. Gigi – I really love the way you carefully cut the edging knit so that the black row of dots runs right down the middle! That’s brilliant embellishment.

  7. That dress is gorgeous.
    I am reminded of the nicer Pucci print dresses in the 70’s that had engineered fabric prints so that the edges were really nice, like yours is.

  8. Great dress and the combination of two fabrics is gorgeous.

  9. Carla

    Your dress is rockin’. I love it! I wanna sew like you when I grow up πŸ™‚

  10. Wonderful dress, Gigi! The fabric combination is amazing! Good luck with your interviews!

  11. Great dress. I’ll be watching for the next tutorial. I also agree about the fabrics – the selection and prices (sale this weekend too!), and the amazing quality of the “new” knits.

  12. Oh my gosh. That’s pretty fabulous. Can’t wait to hear about making the bands.

  13. I love the dress!
    A pair of hot pink *conservative* pumps? Only in Florida, lol.

  14. Linda T.

    Beautiful! The scarf sleeves are perfect for warm weather.
    I looked at Gorgeous Fabrics website a week or so ago and loved the selection.
    I am happy to hear I am not the only one working on creating a wonderful wardobe for myself. I have Tim Gunn’s book and his new show to help guide me (I live in Canada and we are just getting his show now.) and a favorite PR Simplicity pattern to help with the basics. My sewing life is good! Just wish I had more time to sew.
    Thanks for providing such great inspiration!

  15. Great dress. Pucci came to mind for me too! You’ve worked the two fabrics together wonderfully.

  16. Claire

    Gigi, yet another stunner!! These 2 fabrics really work together beautifully. I love the necklace with the dress and shoes.

    I have to agree about Ann’s fabrics. It’s really difficult to “step away from the computer” when I visit her site. ;o)

    Thank you for the wonderful tutorials you share with us.

  17. I am loving that fabric ‘teaming’. An absolutely beautiful look and at the same time, business-appropriate. Thanks for posting this.

  18. What a delightful pairing of the two fabrics! The end result is fantastic!

  19. Great looking dress. Love the contrast.

  20. Eme

    What a scrumptious dress! How will the men in your office get any work done when you’re around? πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait for your tutorial! πŸ™‚

  21. Amy

    I literally just started sewing 4 days ago and I can’t wait to be to your level. My mom used to sew some clothes for me and they looked it. :o) But this? This is just beautiful. Wow.


  22. OP Gal

    Gorgeous dress. I love the fabric, and I, too, find it hard to resist the beautiful fabrics at Gorgeous Things. However, I haven’t been able to learn to love polyester. It still feels clammy and “plastic-y” to me. I’ll have to keep trying. If a Florida gal can learn to love it, I should be able to also, right?

  23. Love the dress, both the pattern and the fabrics are wonderful.

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