Another Cosmopolitan Dress!

As I posted yesterday, I needed a dress to wear to a banquet I am attending with my boyfriend tomorrow night. I absolutely fell in love with this polyester/spandex knit print over at Gorgeous Fabrics and thought it would be perfect for yet another rendition of my favorite dress. All I have left to do is the hem which I will get to later tonight or tomorrow afternoon. With my blindstitch machine it will take me longer to pin the hem than it will to sew it!


I changed the pattern’s scarf sleeve around a bit, which you can see here at the Sewing Divas. This is a super-easy sleeve to draft and is different yet simple.

I’m undecided about which bag to carry: the celery/beige Goldenbleu Emerson crinkled patent clutch or the black python clutch. BTW, the black python was the first expensive bag I bought with my own money right after I graduated high school. In the 28 years since it’s seen a lot of action!


Shoes were easy! I chose these black patent platformw from ABS:



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13 responses to “Another Cosmopolitan Dress!

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  2. Ann-Margret

    Definitely the black purse! 😀

  3. Another lovely dress!! I would go the black bag.

  4. I agree, go with the black – beautiful dress, have a fun evening!

  5. Di

    How clever you are! I love it!!

  6. Love the new detail on the sleeve! And I vote for the black bag too! I love coordinating shoes and bags!!!

  7. Claire

    Yet another perfect dress. I agree on the black bag.

  8. Nope, I have to disagree. The black bag/black shoes is too matchy-matchy. I vote to shake it up and carry a different color.

    Fabulous job as always, BTW. You now have me plotting my next industrial purchases: coverstitch and blind hem. Bad Gigi!

  9. I agree with Ann; matchy-matchy must be avoided at all cost!

  10. Smokin’ hot dress! I agree with Ann and Phyllis on the matchy-matchy. How about a clutch in a silver metallic since it’s an evening event and a little bling is always a good thing? Do you have a Forever 21 in your area? That’s where NYC fashionistas go for accessories on the cheap.

  11. Nancy

    This is a great dress in that fabric. It is time to pull my pattern out and actually make it at least once.