This ain’t your Mama’s poly!

So many of you have been asking about the comfort of the wonderful poly/lycra jerseys from Gorgeous Fabrics that I’ve been sewing up lately. I am here to report that they are quite comfortable, even here in the sticky South! Last week I wore one of my new dresses to a banquet and had to walk quite a ways in the heat to the affair and I was fine. Last night I wore another dress to an early dinner. Thanks to Daylight Savings Time it was still Hot as Hades at 7 p.m., I had forgotten to put on my anti-perspirant (ew!) and still I was comfortable. I already have a few more of these great prints waiting to become dresses and tops and have added some lovelies to my wish list. If you are unsure, at least try a short length for a top. Not that I’m enabling you or anything…


I could not resist this new Fan Dango! jersey. It will make such a pretty summer dress. I think I need a GF fabrics-of-the-month subscription: three yards of each new jersey to be sent to me automatically! Sigh…


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4 responses to “This ain’t your Mama’s poly!

  1. Good to know, as I saw a really great knit on there that I’m dying to buy for one of my latest pattern acquisitions!

  2. You’re so right, these are great fabrics for summer weather. They’re a little too chilly for NY fall and winter, unless you like to layer, but perfect the rest of the year.

  3. Claire

    I have a few knits from Gorgeous Fabrics and I love them. Fabric of the month club…love it

  4. hmm… not a bad idea. Don’t get me started. Actually, I have a few of these jerseys from GF just waiting to be cut. Glad to hear they’re cool enough for the warm weather.