DIY Paper Dispenser

After two years I thought it was finally time to get my roll of manilla pattern paper out of it’s box on the floor and into a dispenser. I looked online and the least expensive single-roll wall-mounted dispenser I could find was around $100, the most expensive around $200. Thrift is certainly not one of my strong suits but I had a problem paying that kind of money for something to hold a roll of paper.

On Sunday, I headed to Home Depot with the hope that I would find something that I could repurpose. My original thought was a pair of curtain rod brackets with a metal plumbing pipe but they were not deep enough for the roll of paper. Then I found the perfect thing: closet brackets designed to hold a rod and shelf! The metal closet rod was available in 4′, 6′ and 8′ lengths. Since my paper is 48″ wide, my boyfriend cut the 6′ rod down to 5′ for me – it is perfect! Although the brackets are rated for 125 pounds (my paper roll weighs 67 lbs) I opted to double them up and tie-wrap them together for extra stability. The brackets on the right are attached to a stud. On the left I used four 75lb EZ-Anchors.



Supplies needed:

* 6′ Rod $9.79
* 4 Brackets $13.16
* End caps $1.79

Grand total: $24.74. And it looks nice! Now I am getting ready to paint my garage floor with epoxy paint, ugh. I was going to lay a nice floor down but now that my son is buying a house and moving out next month (!) I’m thinking I’ll probably sell as soon as the market improves and don’t want to invest in anything expensive. While I certainly can fill up a 4/3 house with sewing stuff, the maintenance is just too much for one person. I’d rather spend my free time sewing! Let’s hope I can find a large enough town- or patio home to house all of my sewing equipment…


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14 responses to “DIY Paper Dispenser

  1. The dispenser looks perfect and will make the paper a lot easier to use.

    I can’t believe your son is going to buy his own house, but good for him! I’m sure there are some bargains in S FL right now.

  2. This is great! I have a roll just sitting around taking up floor space. This is a really great idea, I’m so glad you had this idea. It’s got me inspired to try it for myself.

  3. Els

    Thanks Gigi for sharing this great idea. I will copy this idea for my rolls of pattern paper.

  4. Cherie

    This is a fabulous idea! I love your storage system above it, also.

  5. Nancy

    Wow, that is a great idea…the hardware store comes thru again! Where do you buy your paper?

  6. What a neat idea! I’ve been trying to come up with something like that but we can’t use screws in base housing, only small nails (like for hanging pictures). Fat chance of that holding up the big roll of paper.

  7. Great idea! I’d have a hard time paying $100-$200 for the other system. I’d rather spend the $$ on fabric and patterns. ;o) Thanks for sharing.

  8. coolobreeze

    Great idea, Gigi. I see some embroidery items there too. Is your six-head still for sale?

  9. designdreamer

    I’d like to know where to get the paper.
    I too, can’t believe your son is buying his own house. If I’m not mistaken, he’s about my son’s age (22) if not younger, and I was just thinking the other day that, with the economy the way it is, and him taking FOREVER to get a degree, he’ll be lucky to do so by the time he’s 30!

  10. Designdreamer, you can buy the paper from but I found it cheaper on Ebay. The shipping is what kills you! My son is 20 – I can’t believe he’s buying a house either but the market is down here so it’s a good time to get a bargain. Whenever I get sad about it I remember how clean my house will be and that there won’t be kids coming and going all hours of the night! 🙂

    Coolobreeze, I sold my 6-head a few months ago. Unfortunately, the buyer has already defaulted on the payments so I’ve got that aggravation to deal with! Glad to be out of the business though.

  11. OP Gal

    I love your paper dispenser idea. How ingenious! I’ve been wanting to put elastic, ribbon, cording, etc. on spools on a rod, so they’d be neat and easy to see. I thought of a metal rod from the hardware store, but couldn’t think of how to hang it. You’ve solved that part of my problem. Now, I just have to find spools large enough.

  12. Tracy

    Secure you paper with a strip of velcro w/reverse end stiched in place. As the roll gets smaller the velcro will still hold it in place.

    Love your space, everything in it’t place.

  13. Love the idea, very good. Your area is so well organised!