Almost there!

I am finishing up the painting in my new studio today and then The Boyfriend is coming over later to help me move the machines back. My son hates, hates, hates moving machines with me because he says he always stubs his toes on the stand (true, it happens to me too). I am giddy with anticipation!

Here’s a pic from Animal Kingdom – me with the wonderful man in my life. It rained all day and we were soaked to the skin before we broke down and bought those stylish ponchos. I’m so glad I thought to bring my lucky Red Sox hat so I didn’t have to walk around with really bad hair all day. Take a good look, you’ll probably never see me this dressed down again. 😉


Speaking of my son, he closed on his house this past Thursday and is moving out on Monday. When he first told me he was buying a house (and leaving me!) I was very upset. Now? Well, I’m very ashamed to say that I’m looking forward to not having to clean up after him, not having any comings and goings at all hours of the night and not having my son and his friends drink all of my beer and liquor. Because when a girl wants a martini she doesn’t want to have to go out to the liquor store to replace the bottle she bought three days ago! Yes, I do feel like a terrible mother and very guilty but I guess that comes with the territory. I’ll wait a few days before I do the Happy Dance.


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15 responses to “Almost there!

  1. Despite the rain you look very happy.

  2. What a cute couple!

    I hope you can get the studio back in order soon. I know it’s killing you not to be able to sew!

  3. Oh, you look so happy! Hope you get the studio back together soon!

  4. Els

    Cute , happy looking couple despite the rain and the poncho’s.
    Good luck on moving the machines back into the new studio.

  5. Linda T

    Looks like you two were enjoying yourselves despite the rain and that is the important part.

    No need to feel guilty about being happy to have the kids leave home. That is what parents are suppose to do, raise them to leave home. My youngest had barely turned the corner before I started dancing. I had been widowed when the kids were very young and frankly, I was tired of raising kids…cleaning up after kids…pandering to kids weird eating habits and late hours. A couple years later, I was lucky enough to find a man to spend the rest of my life with, without kids under foot. Very nice. We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Enjoy your ‘me’ time and your handsome man. You did your job with your son.

  6. Gigi, you look FABULOUS, and he’s a cutie! Now when are you two coming up to visit us???

  7. Kim

    My daughter has just left too and I am both happy and missing her. I must admit that I also did the happy dance (without her comment that it makes me look like a Care Bear – and I miss that?)

    Enjoy your freedom – and the beer.

    Kim H

  8. Sally

    You do look so happy, rain and all. I hope the room move goes smoothly. And don’t feel guilty–just be glad you’re not making the house payments for him. Hint, hint–looking forward to seeing some new garments coming from your studio. Sally

  9. You definitely not feel bad about doing the happy dance. You will miss him terribly, but if he’s doing well enough to buy his own house, he’s ready to move out and he’ll be fine!

    You look lovely and happy in the picture.

  10. You guys look very cute together in the photo, glad you had fun. 🙂

  11. Gemma

    Aaah don’t feel guilty, it is just the process of growing up and leaving home for both of you. He is ready to go and you are ready to start a life without him. I’d love for mine to go but they are like rocks. I am dreading the summer.
    I feel you on the comings and goings but I recently made a decision to give them all (3) basement door keys so that they’d not come through my front door at 3 in the morning and I could sleep knowing it is securely locked.
    Funny, they don’t touch any house liquer, just what they put in the fridge to take out again to their next party.

    Tell us where they sell those gorgeous men so that those in need can go get themselves one.

  12. LindsayT

    My son leaves tomorrow for 7 weeks of sleepaway camp, so it will be my mini practice for him moving out of the house (eventually). And don’t you have that in-love glow!

  13. cindy

    What a fabulous picture! Looks like you had a wonderful (wet) day.

    No need for guilt about DS leaving. Mine left “for good???” a few months ago. I’m very okay about it even though he’s 400 miles away. I do miss him but I know what you mean about the martini!

  14. You both look so happy! What a lovely couple.

  15. Diane

    Great picture! Could your smiles get any bigger. You’re appear to be glowing (and not from the rain)and look very happy Gigi. He’s very nice looking too! You go girl! New beginnings aren’t so bad afterall.