Tada! The new sewing studio!

Well, I have a few paint touch ups and have to rehang the manilla paper on another wall since I changed my mind about the layout but here it is! I know there’s a lot going on in all the pictures but, what can I say?, I have a lot of stuff.

Here is the view from the door:


The two machines on the right side are my Singer 20U (zigzag) and my Consew 206RB (a walking foot machine). I had the two plain stands leftover from my embroidery shop – they were used as work tables and for hooping. Since I often work on really large projects on these two machines I put a plain stand behind each one to hold all the extra fabric. I really could have used this when I made the cover for my pool table!


On the left are my two coverstitch machines, back to back. I know I would have had more space in the center of the room had I put them against the wall but there is a method to my madness! Now that I live alone I wanted to be able to pull the attic ladder down without having to move any machines by myself – the coverstitch machines are especially heavy! I still have plenty of space to move around the cutting tables. Speaking of which, these are the cheapos you can purchase at JoAnn’s. I originally wanted the much more expensive Horn tables with the drawer but I’ve had these for a number of years and they are great! Of course, with the money you save you must buy the matching rotary mat.


I won’t be doing any construction pressing in this room (I have a Naomoto gravity feed in my other sewing room) but I’m thrilled to have the space to keep the ironing board up! I usually turn on the iron and press things as they come out of the dryer. Now I won’t have to set up in the kitchen!

Straight ahead is my 12-needle embroidery machine. I have pretty much decided to sell it as I don’t see myself using it all that much. After 10 years in business, the bloom is off the embroidered rose.

From the other side:




The Merrow machine sits in the corner to the left of the window since it’s not used very often. My manila paper roll will hang on the wall above it. That wall is concrete so I need to get the proper anchors before I can take care of that. To the right is the Jiffy steamer and on the table is the heat press (that’s the water heater enclosure next to it). Everyone is surprised that I didn’t sell the press when I closed my business. Are they nuts? With a 16×20 surface area I can fuse interfacing quickly and easily! Those paper dispensers on the hot water cabinet used to hold embroidery stabilizer, now they hold examining table paper.

Oh, and I just love my new floor! It’s epoxy garage floor paint and I sprinkled colored paint chips onto it while it was wet. The chips really help hide any imperfections and it was so easy! Since I couldn’t move everything out of the room I had to paint in two sections so the entire thing took nearly 10 days before I could move the machines back in. I had to let the concrete patch and then the bonding primer dry completely before I could even begin painting. The bonding primer drove me crazy because it stays tacky after it’s dry and my shoes kept sticking to it. I ended up wearing old socks instead which worked great.

The paint then requires 72 hours dry time before furniture can be moved back in. Of course, that is when The Boyfriend mentioned that the walls would look really nice painted a light tan (they were cold, stark white and looking a little dingy)… That set me back a few more days but it was so worth it! It drove me nuts to have my living room and bedroom piled with machines and stuff but now that it’s done it looks great! I can’t wait to get back to sewing. Unfortunately, I’m having oral surgery tomorrow and then going away for the weekend (provided I don’t swell up like a chipmunk!) so I’ll have to sit tight for a few more days.


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33 responses to “Tada! The new sewing studio!

  1. drool, slobber, drool. It looks wonderful. I long for a room like that!

  2. Els

    Congrats on your new studio, it looks FAB.
    Good luck and smooth recovery from the oral surgery tomorrow.

  3. WOW, that is a very impressive sewing room! I’m glad you got it all finished finally (you’re so patient) and hopefully next week you’ll be enjoying. Hope the surgery goes well tomorrow.

  4. You are the equivalent of my brother-in-law, who is the most popular guy on the block because he has the best tools. You are giving me a bad case of tool envy, Gigi.

  5. seaminglysew

    OMG! To be able to have a place like that! All the sewing I do…I have a corner in my LITTLE bedroom! Try doing yards and yards of fabric involved in a weeding gown, or a 96″ slipcover! LOL! Someday…

  6. seaminglysew


  7. Very cool. Love the new floor!

  8. I’m impressed! Can’t wait to see what you produce in that room! 🙂

  9. Kristen

    What a lovely space!!! I would have never guessed that the floor is concrete!

  10. What a luxury! No embroidery biz, no sewing biz, just pure garment sewing bliss and space to do it in. I’m amazed at how great the floor looks and the walls being beige do help scrape off the last remnants of what is no longer. Lovely!

  11. That’s a really nice sewing studio. *Sigh* You did a great job with planning and organizing your studio layout. You’re going to have a great time in there…sewing up a storm. Enjoy your new sewing space…Susan

  12. All I want to know is if I buy the ticket to Florida, will you let me in the door? Cause I wanna sew in your sewing rooms!!!

  13. Wow, that’s pretty much all I can say… Wow. DH hates when I make him look at sewing blogs, so he’s really gonna hate me now! And I hear you on the embroidery biz…

  14. Janene

    Absolutely wonderful space to play! Good to know that everything is in its place and that you will be around more often again.

  15. I have to get off my duff and start buying some more machines! Gigi will you come up and help me shop? I want a studio just like yours!

  16. The walls really brighten things up nicely and set off the lovely floor. It looks like such a warm, inviting, productive space to sew! Good luck with the oral surgery and happy dreams of all the nice things you will be able to do in that lovely new space!

  17. Sandra

    With a sewing room like this you’d never see
    me again! Fabulous!

  18. Summerset

    Such a nice space. DBF was right about the walls – they look great and it is amazing what a little paint will do. I’m sure you’ll be making gorgeous creations in there once the oral surgery is over – happy healing.

  19. Olivia

    Fab-O!!! Luv your space!! I really think a nice clean working area like that is very inspiring. That garage flooring stuff is really nice looking! I can’t believe you did it yourself! I saw that show called “This Old House” where they did the floor like that and it was quite a procedure. It was a great idea to paint before putting everything back in and it’s nice to have some color on the walls. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  20. Sally

    Your sewing room is awesome! I keep telling myself to get better organized but it never happens. You’ve managed to do it beautifully!

    And, can you tell me the brand name of the cutting mat on your table? TIA, Sally

  21. Thank you all for your nice comments! Sally, there is no brand name on my mats. They are the ones that JoAnn’s sells for these tables. They are not self-healing but I’ve been using them for probably five years and see no difference between them and the Olfa mats (except price!). Also, these can be rolled for storage – I always stored them in their original boxes until now – they flatten back out in just a few minutes.

  22. Shear perfection!!! ;o) The tan walls warm the room just enough. I envy your organizational skills.

  23. WOW! I absolutely love it…especially the coverstitch machines…LOL!

    The floor is awesome! How clever!

    With friendship,

  24. Wendy

    I’ve been thinking about buying a separate cover stitch machine. I have a Viking one that involves a surger as well. I don’t like changing over everything and I wonder if the quality of a stand-alone one would be better. Could you tell me what brands you have and even how much they cost? Also did you buy them used since a local shop here sometimes has commercial ones that are used. Do you think those would be worth buying? Once they had one for around $700 or would you recommend Ijust buy a used one?
    You do have a lovely sewing area but I’m sure it’s well used.

  25. Wendy, my coverstitch machines are Kansai Specials. One is just for binding and the other is a flatbed. I paid about $1200. I had looked for used ones but didn’t find any that were in decent shape. Since industrials are made to last a lifetime, I’d definitely get a used one if you can. I used to have two TOL home sergers that had a coverstitch and I *hated* changing over. I never thought the quality of each stitch was as good as a more dedicated machine either.

  26. yikes what a room.

  27. Wow! That is one fantastic sewing room. Congratulations on getting it all finished. Hope you will have many wonderful hours there. Now, is son’s room going to be sewing room #2 or #3?

  28. Pins & Needles

    Thanks for sharing this. Great job!

    I was considering the epoxy coating for my studio as well, as it is in a basement that has a tendence to get wet, which is crasy, but you do what you have to.

    Anyway, do you have any pearls of wisdom for some one who is thinking of doing the whole basement with this stuff? Do you see the overlap where you joined the two sections? Your floor looks great!

  29. It is ridiculous how easy it is to use the epoxy floor paint! You do not see the overlap at all, it’s amazing. I am really, really happy with how it looks and feels. I thought there might be an ick factor on bare feet but I don’t mind it at all.

  30. Great Setup! i’m sorry the Merrow machine doesn’t get more of a workout — what model is it, how long have you had it?

    if you do use it we’re beginning the process of compiling (and offering for sale…) products which are merrow stitched. the new merrow site has more information .

    in any case, fantastic sample & sewing room. good luck.

    Send us a note if you’re interested. http://merrow.com/contact_general.html

  31. Thanks for this article

  32. Tammy

    I have been looking for sewing room ideas and layout and I must say WOW! I’m working on my basement (finishing it) and I plan on turning a large part of it into a sewing/ quilting/ arts & crafts studio… Your sewing room has given me mucho ideas!!! Luckily the basement has big windows for light and it is unfinished so it will be an empty slate for design.