Sewer + Empty Closet = Mixed Blessing

So, my son hasn’t even finished picking up his junk moving out and I’m already eyeing his closet! I’ve been so busy over the past few months that my fabric purchases have been piling up in my Sewing Studio #2. Shamefully so, really. So, when I was forced to empty the room for painting I just piled everything in the exercise room. Then, this afternoon, I started thinking about how convenient it would be to hang all of that fabric in my son’s closet – just to get it out of the way for now, you understand. Unfortunately, I ran out of hangers! Well, before you start thinking about how clever I am to get everything tidied up and put away please realize that I’ve had to use this closet (the two sets of doors are small but it spans one wall):


because this closet (in my sewing room):


and this walk-in closet in my exercise room are FULL!


See? Mixed blessing. Or perhaps a curse because I’ve only used about 1/6th of the new closet. Instead of the Crazy Cat Lady I’ll be the Crazy Fabric Lady. Please don’t ask me about the former linen closet ’cause I’m not telling.

PS: You know what the really scary part is? The Boyfriend has seen The Fabric and he’s still here. Ha, if that doesn’t send them running for the hills, nothing will.


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17 responses to “Sewer + Empty Closet = Mixed Blessing

  1. Holy cow! That is some nice stash you’ve got there, Teri.
    Totally agree about the BF part.

  2. Teri?! What is wrong with me. Gigi, I am sorry.
    This is what multitasking will do to you if you get too early on a Saturday morning after way to short a night.
    Then again, what’s the use of sleep when there’s some sewing to be done, right?

  3. LOL!
    “The Boyfriend has seen The Fabric and he’s still here.”

    He’s a keeper!!! Don’t let him go.

    Great stash! Really, you don’t have a problem. It’s a collection.

    With friendship,

  4. I have to tell you when I saw the first photo my only thought was, ‘that’s it?’ But, there was more to come!

  5. Summerset

    “if that doesn’t send them running for the hills, nothing will.” LOL. No joke! You’ve got some lovely pieces, a lot of room, why not?

  6. Yeah, that first photo was a bit of a tease, wasn’t it. Great collection though. And good for the boyfriend.

  7. Oh thank goodness someone else will be sharing the Crazy Fabric Lady title with me! 🙂 I am telling you when I went to the fabric closet yesterday and found several pieces of yellow fabric that would coordinate with the refashioned skirt, I knew I had ALOT more than I realized! *LOL*

    And my DD’s favorite thing to do when people first come over to the house is to show them my fabric closet…

  8. OmGoodness… You can open up fabric store….lol

  9. OP Gal

    I’ve seen a picture of that stash before and still think you’re sane. Apparently The Boyfriend does, too.

  10. Yup, he’s definitely a keeper. I’m thinking that there’s move fabric somewhere else in that house. ;o) Maybe the former linen closet? ;o)

  11. Too funny! That is great that you can proudly display your fabric and know where they all are. I have been using your tip on storing the fabric rolled up. It does make it easier to see. Of course, it would help if I had a bigger closet like yours. Your BF is definitely a keeper. 🙂

  12. DebbieF

    Oh Gigi, thank you! I walked into my sewing room yesterday and my heart sank looking at all the fabric and patterns I had amassed. I even thought about just giving it all away, because it seemed as if my sewing obsession was taking over my apartment! Now that I see your fabric stash, mine seems fairly manageable. I only have two closets full!!! I recently discovered the hanger thing for keeping everything neat, but closet pole in my main closet is groaning from the weight! (Never mind the stack of winter fabrics and sweater knits on the floor below it). Somehow, now that I live in Florida, the winter stuff doesn’t really seem like it will get used…

  13. Linda T

    A suggestion for keeping all those lovely fabrics dust free is to go to your local dry cleaners and buy some of their plastic hanging bags. They come in several sizes to cover all lengths. I leave mine open for airflow and as long as dust doesn’t start falling UP the fabric should remain mostly dust free. And with my allergies that is a good thing.

    PS: Nice stash!! 🙂

  14. Olivia

    Oh Gigi!! What a stash! At least you have yours neatly in closets! Your BF doesn’t mind because he probably knows how much you enjoy sewing. I have a big stash too and it’s overwelming looking at it sometimes. I just enjoy shopping for and buying fabric! 🙂

  15. Well I am relieved, to know that I am not the only sewer that suffers from fabric holism. The first step to conquering this illness is acceptance.

    The second step is to only purchase fabrics that will work with your stash and if all fail just keeping buying fabric.

  16. Thanks for sharing your photos. I too, when I first saw the photos thought, “that’s it?” Rest assured, if you had as much fabric as I have, you would definitely faint. I don’t think mine would fit in 20 walk-in closets. Perhaps I need to be sewing instead of reading blogs. Nah!!