Kwik-Sew 2845 Perfection!

I made all of the changes to the pattern and it is now perfect and ready to be made into a permanent pattern. The fit is perfect (I fill it out a bit better on top than Ethel, lol) and it is such an adorable top to wear with jeans or shorts. This time I made a long sleeve which I really like for a little extra sun protection – a trick I learned when I was doing embroidery work for a fishing club. The fabric is a long sold-out rayon/lycra from Textile Studios, one of my handful of favorite internet sources.


Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be cutting out a new Hot Pattern and whipping up a quick work top from a TNT pattern before I get back to the leather bag I was working on before the studio overhaul. Sounds like I need to get up early!


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6 responses to “Kwik-Sew 2845 Perfection!

  1. I love it! The fabric is TDF!

  2. That’s lovely! And now tagged to my inspiration folder…

  3. That fabric is great. I wonder how I’d look in a knit top with an empire seam….

  4. Gosh two lovely tops in one day and I’m still chugging along on one dress…

  5. Sally

    Gigi, I know you frequently make a forward shoulder alteration. Could you explain how it’s done and, specifically, do you then do anything to the sleeve please?

    BTW, I’m so glad to see you back posting on a regular basis and as always enjoy your creations. Sally

  6. Love the fabric. Thank goodness for my diet it is sold out. Cute top!