I’m a winner!

It’s no secret that I love 70’s fashions – well, not *all* 70’s fashions but a great number of them! Well, when I saw Summerset’s vintage skirt I HAD to find the pattern right away! I am dating myself but I had so many skirts just like this in high school. Personally, I think it still looks very current so I was thrilled to find a copy!


Some of you may remember that I made a dress from a 1970-something pattern to wear to my son’s graduation back in 2006. I used to troll Ebay and the vintage sites every single day but I have so little self-control that I had to stop! It may be time to start up again but I have to try and stay away from those pricey 1950s patterns!


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5 responses to “I’m a winner!

  1. Tessa

    This pattern really took me back. My sister made me a skirt much like it in 1981 (before I had any interest in sewing myself), and I really liked it. I’m looking forward to seeing yours!

  2. Linda T

    I will date mayself and say I had a pattern very much like that one. Does that skirt style ever really go out of style? Long skirts are wonderful things. Can’t wait to see what fresh, modern twist you put on that 70’s pattern.

  3. Summerset

    LOL! I see you got a small, too! Lucky you, I could have used the small, but what’s done is done. Glad to have inspired, you’re also so inspiring with what you do with Ann’s knits and your nice machines. After seeing your things, I’ve been trying to improve my serging/coverstitch skills.

  4. LOL, Summerset, I will have to enlarge the waist!

  5. Dana

    I sure wish I had this pattern… again. I made two of these as a teenager. I sewed almost all my own clothes back then. In fact, I wore this skirt in a pinkish denim on my first date with my first husband… to see Jaws.

    Sadly, just a few days after high school graduation, we had a house fire. While my new sewing machine (graduation present!) survived after a cleaning, my mom’s machine didn’t. And, the patterns were stored near her sewing area.

    Thanks for the memory!