Vintage Fever

Darnit, I just lose my willpower when I start looking at vintage patterns! I couldn’t help but look a little after buying the vintage wrap skirt a couple of days ago. Check out my two other 1970s finds! Neither is in my size but close enough that I won’t have to do a lot of altering.

I just loved this top with the cut-on sleeve! I’ll probably have to lengthen it a little so I don’t expose my midriff. Man, I would have killed to have my stick-straight hair do that when I was in high school!


This one is just adorable! I will probably make it with the skirt for a dress look. It would be way too short to wear as a top as-is but I’ll see if the style lends itself well to lengthening.


No progress on my pink and brown top today (and yes, you super sewing sleuths, it is the HP Cosmopolitan Dress shortened to a top!). I always underestimate the time it will take for me to finish my weekly paperwork on Friday, ugh. If you noticed the binding on the neckline I will be posting a mini-tutorial (mini because it’s so easy!) at The Sewing Divas this weekend. I haven’t done this type of binding in a long time, who knows why. But it was so fast and easy that I’ll be stuck on it for awhile!


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5 responses to “Vintage Fever

  1. Liane

    I remember making the McCall’s 4223 when I was in high school. It is a very cool pattern!

  2. I made McCalls 4223 in High School too. We made it for our Chorus Group Christmas concert in the Maxi length and I still have the pattern. I plan to make it again someday…um…graded to a bigger size!!! Mary

  3. Summerset

    That first one is cute as the top/skirt combo!

  4. Cherie

    I love those dresses/tops. What is the pattern number of the first one?

  5. Margi

    I have the McCalls 4223. It was fun to make and too cute on! I am long waisted and had no difficulty doing my usual adjustment so I don’t believe you will either.