HP Cosmo Top

I finally finished today! I just couldn’t make up my mind on the length. Finally, I just put on a pair of jeans and tried out different lengths. As is often the case with tops like this, the crease where my thigh and hip meet (just lift your leg to find it) turned out to be the best. On me, it just looked dowdy longer. I originally cut the lower part of the top 10″ long but shortened it 2.5″ and used a 1″ hem.


I’ve been wanting to try this pattern as a top for some time and I’m really glad I did. It’s a style that will work equally well with pants, skirts or shorts. Here’s a closeup of the neckline binding. As promised, I will post a mini-tutorial at The Sewing Divas sometime in the next few days. It’s very easy to do.



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13 responses to “HP Cosmo Top

  1. Fabulous! I love that print!

  2. Summerset

    Gorgeous top – I’ll be looking forward to the tutorial.

  3. rosemary

    You are an inspiration. Can’t wait to check what you have created next.

  4. Inspirational top. Gorgeous fabric.

  5. Gorgeous top! I love the sleeves!

  6. DebbieF

    Gigi, I have often thought of using this pattern to make a cute top with a matching skirt, to get more mileage out of it. Thanks for figuring it out for me! Any time I have a question about a knit garment, I always check to see what you’ve done…where would sewing be without you?

  7. Just catching up on all my blog reading and read about the past 5 posts of yours. You have been busy sewing. All your tops look great! Your sewing studio is FANTASTIC! I am drooling over your fabrics and just the space to hang/store them.

  8. Another winner! You have so gotten your money’s worth out of this pattern that it ought to paying YOU now.

  9. That looks so fabulous! I will have to try making a cosmo top this week.

  10. Fabulous blouse! and will stayed tuned for the tutorial on the neckline

  11. What a great, great idea. I have to add this to my project list.

  12. Beautiful as always.