As if I need another project…

When you are a sewing fanatic it seems as if the wheels never stop turning. If I am not actually sewing I am thinking about it, reading about it or shopping for it. Sometimes I suffer from insomnia and I can’t help but wonder if I’d be able to get back to sleep if I weren’t thinking about my current project or planning out my next one. If only I had an Etch-A-Sketch mind so I could just shake my head and drift off to sleep!

Right now I have three, count ’em, THREE projects in the works: the vintage tie-top, the HP Riviera tee and a top inspired by the See by Chloe top I posted earlier in the week. I was also working on a bag pattern for The Sewing Divas! But, you see, when I did my little studio spiff-up I put the pieces somewhere “safe” and can’t find them now! As if that weren’t enough I am also working on a couple of home improvement projects.

So, I must be sick to even be dreaming of this:


as this BCBG top:


The fabric is Stripe-A-Licious Cotton Jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics – even the name is adorable. I can’t help but think that the uneven stripes would make this top look even more fab! It would be so much fun to plan it all out! And it would look so cute with my white shorts! I was resisting pretty well but now it’s on sale so I won’t be able to resist much longer. Time to face the truth: 1. I am just a hopeless fabric collector and 2. (fabric) diets just don’t work.


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11 responses to “As if I need another project…

  1. LindsayT

    What an adorable way to work some stripes. Go for it (an overused and stupid phrase, but you know what I mean). And thanks for your comments on my blog. They’re always right on target.

  2. Kim

    Its probably not an issue for you but when my husband complains about my stash I tell him ‘it doesnt eat anything and its got good insulating properties’ which here in the UK are important (even in July). Buy what you love, when you see it – you may not get another chance!

  3. Well, far be it from me to try to talk you out of it! 😉

  4. Linda T

    I think this affliction is related to ADD. I happily switch from project to project. Unfortunately, it does not seem very efficent for me. I start projects but don’t always finish them. I have been working hard at ‘One project at a time’ finishing those I haven’t finished yet. I think it is working.

    So go for the fabric. Those are some fabulous stripes!

  5. I say go for it too! I love the layout of the stripes!

  6. I sooooo understand the project list thing…even when I’m in the middle of sewing something my mind is making up new combinations/new projects/new things…

    I hope you can get around to making your version of the BCBG top…cause it would be sooooo cute on you!

  7. I love this stripe! I saw it yesterday in the sale section and just about put it in my cart too… so I’m urging you to buy it, it’ll keep me from the temptation of more fabric!

  8. Rachel

    I know what you mean about being a sewing fanatic. I got stumped on a BWOF pattern (this is the first one I have made) and their instructions are a little cryptic. Anyway, after I lay down last night it came to me how to do what I was confused about. Then I lay there and thought about it and could not go to sleep. I finally went to sleep, but I woke up during the night thinking about it. I have not had time to deal with the sewing issue because I am at work, so I am still thinking about it.

  9. rosemary

    Its re assuring to know I am not alone in the Fabric Collection dept. My friends call me a retail therapist. I am extremely good at it.

  10. magdajhawthorne

    I got sucked in by the Gorgeous Things sale too. Even now, my beautiful voile and white twill are winging their way towards me so I can create the breezy summer outfit I have been obsessing about — even though I have about 5 other things on the dock.

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