Working on…

Yes, I was quiet yesterday, no sewing. My Sunday started with breakfast in bed and was followed by the Washington Post crossword, a little reading (a sewing book, naturally), the British Open and napping before heading out to The Big Tomato for a mashed potato pizza and a couple of Martinis. Sometimes it’s rather nice to have a lazy day with no focus on accomplishing anything!

I’m back at it today, busy fashioning this:


and this:


Into something that resembles this:


I didn’t have any silk print in my stash that had a similar feeling but I did have this now-sold-out Paint Splashes Jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics! I really like this New Look pattern even better than the See top because it is less voluminous which can be tough to carry off when you are 5’3″.

If I like this look on me I really want to make another one in this faboo silk jersey which I do not own *yet*. See what I mean about the fabric addiction?

silk jersey


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6 responses to “Working on…

  1. I can’t wait to see your finished top. I’ve had that pattern in my wish list for a while and I think yours will look fantastic…

  2. magdajhawthorne

    De-lurking to say I am dying to see how this looks when you finish it. I just put this pattern on my pattern “to buy” list. I’m also 5′ 3″ and I have the same worries about being overwhelmed by these drapey tops.

  3. Wow, I’m sure it will look fantastic! I’m a member of F.A.A. (Fabric Addictions Anonymous),too!

  4. Zinnia

    Sounds like you had a relaxing, lovely Sunday.
    What is a Mashed Potato Pizza?

  5. Zinnia, a Mashed Potato Pizza is a pizza crust covered with mashed potatoes, bacon and cheese – delicious!

  6. Zinnia

    Oh Gigi~That sounds delicious!!
    Happy sewing today!