New Look 6648

It’s done and I LOVE it! I think this is a great way for a petite to wear volume because it’s not too overwhelming. I cut my usual size 8 but may go down to a 6 next time depending on the fabric that I use. You just want to make sure the band is not snug because it will continually want to ride up your midriff. Other than that this top is generously sized. I did not need an FBA or any other alterations – what a luxury!


As you can see, I made a few changes from the pattern. I lowered the neckline a little in the front and added an exposed facing to mimic the designer top. Beware, the neckline is even wider than it appears in the pattern photo. I’ll definitely bring it in a little next time. Also, lingerie guards are a must with a top like this because it will want to slide off one shoulder all the time without them.

I also added some wide bands at the sleeve like the original. I cut my bands 6″ wide which gave me a 2.75″ finished width. I wanted them 3″ wide but this is all the fabric I had left due to a very stupid cutting error! Thank goodness I always buy plenty of fabric otherwise the whole thing would have ended up in the trash. Anyway, I trimmed 2.5″ off the sleeve (2.75″ finished band width minus 1/4″ seam allowance) to retain the original length.

Because there is so much volume on the top I wanted the fit around my waist and hip to be as trim as possible so I needed to eliminate the ruching on the band. This is a super-easy fix here as only the outer band is ruched, the inner band is flat. Simply measure the width of the inner band from the cut edge to the foldline marked on the pattern. Then draw a new line at the same width on the ruched section and fold (or cut) away the unwanted tissue.

Note the fold line towards the bottom of the pattern piece:


I drew a 2nd line the same distance away on the ruched side of the foldline:


New pattern piece:


Hop on over to The Sewing Divas to see how I sewed the facing and sleeve bands.


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8 responses to “New Look 6648

  1. I made this top a long, long time ago. I LOVE the neckline on yours! What a great change you made.

  2. Fabulous, Gigi! I love everything about this top, especially the colors.

  3. magdajhawthorne

    beautiful. I’m inspired to get the pattern and try one now.

  4. This is a beautiful top and the fabric and colours are really great! Thanks for the tips on the exposed facing. It looks very professional.

  5. dei

    How cute! Love your alterations. Will be making this soon.

  6. I love this top!! I bought this pattern during a “what was I thinking” moment and never really could envision it as something I could wear until I saw your version! Gorgeous!! I think I’ll have to make one now.

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  8. Awesome blouse and the print is 2df.