New Look 6648 again!

You may have noticed that I often make a pattern again right away. See, when I find a pattern I really like I find it helpful to go ahead and tweak it while everything is still fresh in my mind. Often I do this after wearing the initial garment because some needed changes are not apparent until then.


After wearing the first top last night I decided to bring the neckline in 1″ on each side and raise it 1/2″. I also decided to take the hip band in 1″. Notice that I once again omitted the ruching on the hip band – I want to look as trim there as I can to balance out the volume of the top. The fabric (now sold out) is from Gorgeous Fabrics, of course! I plan on wearing this out with my girls tonight – hopefully no other changes will be needed. I want it PERFECT when I cut out the silk jersey.

I’m still searching for the purse pattern I was working on, sigh. If you ever need something hidden in such a way that no one will find it, call me. In the meantime I’ll probably keep myself occupied by working on the pattern for the Stripe-A-Licious Top so it will be ready to go when the fabric arrives. Once I finish that it’s back to the poor neglected Riviera Tee. I had originally planned on using the Paint Splashes Jersey for it and now I can’t decide on a substitute.


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5 responses to “New Look 6648 again!

  1. I like this one as much as I like the original version!

  2. Wow, you are so fast!!! That’s 2 awesome tops, and I agree that revising is better done sooner than later, I lost a lot of memory cells to motherhood! “Stripalicious” makes me think of one of the designers on Project Runway…

  3. Kris B.

    Love the new top. The style is not right for me but I bet it looks fabulous on you! And your quick sewing time makes me want to rush home from work and get to work on the dress that’s been hanging on my form for the last month.

  4. Another great blouse.

  5. kathi s

    I looked for New Look 6648 today, but apparently it is discontinued. It’s probably just as well, I think that the band would not be a good look for me, as it might just spotlight my hips- not my best feature.
    Congratulations on both your creations!