Desperately Seeking The Past!

I’m in love with this pattern! I’ve been looking around online for a size 8 (or even a 6 since I’m going to use jersey) but haven’t had any luck yet. If you happen to see one (or have one you want to sell) let me know!


This one (as well as a very cool dress made from the pattern) are available for sale at Pintucks. I’d buy it but I don’t feel like spending the time to grade it down from a size 16.


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8 responses to “Desperately Seeking The Past!

  1. maureen

    Love the pattern so I had to buy it.
    hope you find one for you soon!


  2. Oh, it’s darling. Be patient, it’ll turn up.

  3. designdreamer

    I’m pretty sure that’s the pattern my sister had us make up for bridesmaid dresses for her wedding, many, many years ago. We made it from quiana (I *think*) that’s what it was called.

  4. designdreamer

    Oh, and I *do* own M4223, and made (I think that’s the no.) that you showed in an earlier post. You’re killing me with these “vintage” pattern posts!!

  5. i think i may have this pattern in a box, i’m going to go and check and check the sizing and i will post back later.

  6. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed oohWEE!

  7. sorry 😦 when i looked through the boxes i found 5542 and 5829 both McCalls and both size 12. i will keep looking, i think i have one more box, i have to track that one down.

  8. Pins & Needles

    I have the maternity version of this pattern, #5921, size 10, 32 1/2 Bust. It is exactly the same, but you would need to reduce the CF fullness and straighten the front hem. I could have sworn that I had that exact pattern, but I must be remembering it from the pattern catalog. If you send me an email, I’ll send you the photo- I don’t know how to attach it here- and I’d be glad to lend it to you to trace off, if you would ship it back.