A consolation prize

Check out this wonderful pattern I scored today on Ebay – Simplicity 7805 and it’s my size! The seller called it a “vintage goddess dress” which made me smile. This is the sort of 1970s design that I fall for every time because it’s still so wearable today. I will definitely make this as a dress and a top.



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13 responses to “A consolation prize

  1. Susan

    Lucky you! It is a very pretty style. Seems to me to have a sort of retro 40’s look to it. I look forward to seeing your versions of this design.

  2. Pins & Needles

    This is nice, but you don’t need a consolation prize; I have the pattern you were looking for the other day. Here is a copy of what I wrote; you might have missed it:

    I have the maternity version, #5921, of this pattern(#5490), in size 10, Bust 32 1/2″. It is EXACTLY the same. I could have sworn that I had that exact pattern, but I must be remembering it from the pattern catalog. If you send me an email, I’ll send you the photo- I don’t know how to attach it here- and I’d be glad to lend it to you to trace off, if you would ship it back.


  3. I absolutely love that pattern, i can’t wait to see you make it!!

  4. kathleen

    I made that exact pattern back in college! I made a teal jersey version for my BFF to wear to a sorority dance and a cappuchino jersey version for myself. It makes a great dress. I know you will love it and it is right in style now

  5. Hey, I thought you were downsizing! But I love this dress too. Very classic.

  6. I just got the early 90’s version fo this same style off of eBay. Surely THAT isn’t considered vintage yet? Darling pattern you found–go for it especially if you have plans for it!

  7. Barbara

    Oh my gosh Gigi, I made this dress for my junior prom! I used a beautiful “Qiana” Remember that fabric? I have not heard that word in a long tme! Thanks for taking me down memory lane. : – )

  8. Love this pattern and your blog. What is the company name and number?

  9. LOL, Lindsay! Yes, but remember I’m purging things I’m *not* using. 😉

    Yes, Barbara, my prom dress was (or is, I still have it) Qiana too!

  10. Karla

    LOL. I had that on my watch list, but decided to settle for printing a picture and copying it. It’s a fabulous dress.

  11. OMG!! I wore the long version to a “Sweetheart Ball” in high school. The dress was RTW, but non-the-less was the same da** dress. It’s still cute as heck too. congratulations on scoring the pattern

  12. This must have been a very popular pattern. I made both the short and long version. I only wish I had a serger back then, because they were both made out of jersey knit.