A few of my favorite things…

I received a request today from Diane in Michigan:

“Could you talk a bit about some of your preferences: i.e. elastic, interfacing, thread, etc. I want to stock up and have just recieved an email regarding a sale on Pro Stretch elastic, which I’ve never used before. Also, I’m looking for quality interfacing, especially for knits. What are your favs?

It doesn’t take much to get me to talk about some of my favorite sewing supplies!


*Pro-Stretch Elastic from Sew Exciting

*Stitch-Through Elastic from Casual Elegance (this is the Loes Hinse elastic)

These elastics can be trimmed down to a narrower width because they are knitted!

*1/4″ plain-edge knitted lingerie elastic – fantastic for necklines on knit tops! I can usually find it at JoAnn’s (I try to buy an entire roll if they have it)


All Palmer Pletsch interfacings – the Sheer is my favorite. It is a very light, yet crisp, knitted interfacing. I’d buy Sheer by the bolt if I could!

All interfacings from Sew Exciting
– these are a Sewing Diva favorite!


*Mettler Metrosene long-staple polyester for general sewing

*Gutermann long-staple polyester when I can’t find the right color in Mettler

*Coats & Clark Fine Thread for lightweight fabrics and fine shirtings. It’s located at the top of the C&C rack.

*Guterman silk-thread for basting and sewing wools – it melds right into the fabric

*Gutermann topstitching thread – comes in a ton of great colors

*YLI Jeans thread – Some funky colors and variegated shades for topstitching

*Woolly Nylon for use on the bobbin when twin-needle stitching

*Mettler Metrocor serger thread. It’s so smooth and fine you can also use it on your regular machine for lightweight fabrics.

*Maxi-Lock cone thread. Not my #1 choice but it works well and is readily available in a wide selection of colors – about 99% of my cone thread is Maxi-Lock.

*Gutermann upholstery thread is a wonderful strong thread for sewing upholstery, leather purses and even for topstitching. Keep in mind that not all domestic machines will like sewing with heavy thread (I use an industrial) so test first.

Other favorite notions:

*Steam-A-Seam Lite 1/4″ – I love this stuff! If you have trouble with wavy hems on your knits you can fuse the hem up with SAS before stitching. Unlike most fusible products your fabric will retain it’s stretch due to the honeycomb construction of the tape. There is a double-stick version available – Steam-A-Seam Lite 2.

*Clover bias tape makers – accept no substitutes, the ones from Dritz don’t even come close.

*Gingher Appliqué scissors – I could not live without at least two pair because I’m always misplacing them. I had the bill rounded on one pair to avoid catching/snagging knit fabrics.

*Olfa Ergonomic Rotary Cutter – don’t know how I ever lived without it! I put my dull blades in a separate cutter marked for paper use – great for trimming patterns and photos.

*Fine pins from Japan – anything else feels like a nail to me. Stock up when you find them! Clover Patchwork Pins are really nice too. Even finer than the Japanese pins, I keep a box around for chiffons.


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10 responses to “A few of my favorite things…

  1. Great list! Coats & Clark thread is on sale now at JoAnn’s and I just stocked up on the fine thread after reading one of your recent posts. Thanks!

  2. Diane

    You are a DOLL! I’m copying this to use as my shopping list! Many, many, MANY thanks!
    Diane in Michigan

  3. Cynth

    I’ve heard of people who swear by Tire silk thread from Japan – have you ever used it?

  4. Mary

    Love this post! I’d love to know what you use for marking. I’ve been drooling over your blog for awhile!
    Would you consider writing a similar post listing what sewing books you actually use? Your blog has inspired me to sew a lot better! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Nancy K

    Good list. I use most of what you love too. I particularly love the Palmer Pletsch sheer interfacing.I haven’t found anything else comparable to it. Too bad I have to order it!

  6. Cynth, I have heard great things about Tire silk thread! It’s just not available locally so I haven’t had the opportunity to try it out. Tire makes silk buttonhole twist which would be awesome for handworked buttonholes.

    Sure, Mary, I’ll do a post on sewing books. I have a large collection. 🙂

  7. Kae

    Thank you for sharing your tried and true notions list! I have some shopping to do! Like the others, I really enjoy reading your blog and now eagerly await the sewing book list! Thanks!

  8. Linda T

    Great list! Thanks. It is so nice to get suggestions because I find I keep buying the same thing over and over and not taking the time to experiment.

    I just hope JoAnn’s has a sale on when I am in the States in October so I can stock up. I miss shopping at JoAnn’s. Fabric stores here in British Columbia leave a bit to be desired.

  9. Thank you for liking our PerfectFuse Sheer interfacing. I also wish more stores carried it, but you can order 1 or 3-yard packages from our web site. The address is on the package. Take care. Pati Palmer

  10. Thanks for the referral to those wonderful Clover pins! Have you tried the Chaco Liner Slim for marking? It’s very fun. Stef