Silk Jersey Top – Finished!

Warning, a lot of F-bombs were dropped in the making of this top. Not to worry, no one heard me. I know what you’re thinking: that silk jersey was a bear to work with, right? Actually, the silk jersey was a joy to sew. It was the !/?#**! stretch satin that I used for the (uncorded) piping that caused me so much grief! I decided that the main print needed some sort of “border” to set it off so I started searching through my stash for a suitable black fabric. In my binding bin I found an 1/8 of a yard of black polyester stretch satin, obviously bought specifically for this purpose.

Sure, it looked innocent enough but it was horrible to work with necessitating a lot of reverse sewing. In my frustration I decided to handbaste (shocking, isn’t it?) the piping because surely this would result in perfection, right? Wrong! It seemed that no amount of pressing or basting could tame this beast. I spent so much time ripping and resewing the sleeve piping on what should have been a quick project. There are still a couple of areas on the underside that look a little wonky but I decided that enough was enough. No one is going to notice! Shoot, I probably won’t even notice. Funny enough, the neckline facing went smoothly. If I had anymore of this awful stuff I would promptly toss it in the trash!

So, finally, here it is. Once I get over my trauma I know I will love this and wear it often. I think the fabric really makes it.


Neckline detail. I cut the facings on the bias for interest.


I used the Coats & Clark Fine thread on this project. You can see how fine it is here.


I did enjoy watching the first season of The Tudors while I was sewing. I picked it up on a whim a few months ago and just started watching it this week. I am hooked! I can’t wait until Season 2 comes out on DVD (October 2008 ) so I can catch up before Season 3 starts.



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21 responses to “Silk Jersey Top – Finished!

  1. With all the F-bombs the blouse came out gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful blouse! I love, love, love “The Tudors”. I am anxiously awaiting the new season also.

  3. Beautiful top, sorry the piping was a pain but it looks fantastic.

  4. Karla

    How can you say such nasty things about that lovely little line of piping? LOL. Since I recently sent a few emails about the @#$%^&* polyester jersey from hell, be assured that I understand completely. The difference is that you wound up with a fabulous top and I wound up with offerings for the landfill. Congratulations. You win.

  5. Sorry that the piping gave you such fits but the top is very pretty…and count me as one of those who love The Tudors too! Thank goodness for On-Demand…I have watched some of those episodes from Season 2 a couple of times!

  6. genevieve

    I am totally with you on the Tudors!
    And I love the top! Sorry it gave you such grief.

  7. BEAUTIFUL Top!!! I love it!

  8. Betsy Villaume

    I love the top, Gigi! The piping really sets off the neckline. I have the earthtones colorway in that jersey and haven’t decided exactly what to make of it. Plus I am a bit afraid of it – less so after your comments about it.


  9. Linda T

    I love the piping. It just sets off the top perfectly, so the struggle was well worth it.

  10. dei

    Piping misbehavior. Shame.
    Adorable top though. Love it. Yum buckets on the fabric.

  11. Cherie

    Really great top! Perhaps the amount of grief will be less than the amount of fun wearing it! And, you can always say you won! Love your work always.

  12. Beautiful top! Well worth the pain 🙂 That silk jersey is beautiful.

  13. Pins & Needles

    With only 1/8th yd of the stretch satin, Iassume you cut it on crosswise grain? That may have been why it was so awful to work with, especially with a knit. Your results look wery nice. Do you use a topstitching guide(edge of foot?), or eyeball it? Your topstitching is beautiful.

  14. Diane

    Is there anything you CAN’T do? I’m beginning to wonder!
    Diane in Michigan

  15. I love it! And not just the fabric, either. You’ve inspired me. I’m going this week to look at a Kansai industrial coverstitch at my dealer (sewing machine dealer, that is).

  16. the top came out lovely…sorry you had so much greif with it all!

  17. Gemma

    I am loving this top, completely, f-bombs and all! Love the insert.
    I think I want some silk jersey too…lol.

  18. It’s funny that you mention the Tudors – I watched episodes 3, 4, & 5 while working on a dress that I just finished! Your finished top looks great!

  19. Sharon

    That is such a beautiful top. I love the details you put into outfits. You make the garments really surpass the patterns. It was well worth the trouble you had though.

  20. Cricket

    I”m new to your blog so I missed the history on your beautiful silk jersey top. I LOVE it, and it’s a good shape for me. Would you please divulge? What is the pattern?

  21. It’s really cute, don’t sell yourself short. You doing great, and if you like how they turn out that’s better yet. Makes me want to more than quilt. I really like the jacket idea.

    Happy embroiderying.