Look what I found on Ebay this morning! It’s not McCalls 5490 but it’s close and it’s close to my size so I bought it.


Here’s 5490 for comparison:


Mary also graciously loaned me the maternity version of 5490 so I can compare all of the bodice pattern pieces and make changes if I want to. The only real differences I see are the center front seam on the bodice and the amount of gathering but it will be fun to compare.

Funny thing is that I, for some reason, think I’ve owned this vintage Simplicity pattern. I’ve looked through my patterns and don’t see it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hiding around somewhere! It’s true what they say: the mind is the first thing to go!


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  1. I wish I still had half the patterns fron way back then! I do remember that style, too! Almost a tailored “caftan”…
    And as thay saying…here’s another a friend sent!
    My mind not only wanders, it sometimes leaves completely!

  2. Yeah, I sometimes see myself with the blank stare on my face when my mind has taken a walk……

    Talk about 2 patterns that are almost exactly alike…wow! A popular style that every pattern company had to get in on….and this still happens today.

  3. Pins & Needles

    I think I do still have all my patterns, except the doll clothes from when I was 7 or 8. I might even have this simplicity one…or I might be remembering it from the catalog.

    Looks like there are more front gathers into the shoulder yoke, and that they are extended out farther toward the sleeve.


  4. They look fabulous. I remember my Mom having lots of these patterns – but they are long gone now I’m afraid.

  5. Gigi! You *gave* me this Simplicity pattern aobut a year ago. I should go dig out and see what size it is – I can send it back toyou.

  6. I posted a photo of me from 1976 wearing a similar dress. It’s on my artwrinkles blog.

  7. Gigi,

    After I sold off the McCall’s 5490 pattern, I found this same Simplicity one in my collection too!

    I kept a tracing of the first pattern for reference, and I think the big difference is that the Simplicity version is one piece, and the McCall’s version has an ’empire’ waistline seam (?).

    I’ll check tomorrow and let you know, just to solve that mystery.


  8. I actually HAVE the 5490 pattern. It was the ‘bridesmaid’ dress I made for my friend’s wedding maybe 25 years ago??? How funny is that. I was very skinny then (tee hee).