Bad sewing

I was really looking forward to finishing the Kimono Dress today but ended up hemming a big pile of pants for the coaches of my alma mater’s football team instead. How did this happen, you ask? Well, a couple of months ago The Boyfriend called me from school and said they wanted to order some pants from Nike that were only available unhemmed. Since the pants would not arrive until the week before their game in Cincinnati (the Herbstreit Classic if you follow high school football) next Saturday they were wondering if I’d be willing and able to hem them all. No small job with a 17-man coaching staff! Of course I couldn’t say no, with the exception of The Boyfriend most of these coaches have been there since I was a student more years ago than I care to admit. All I can say is thank goodness I have the blindstitch machine!



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10 responses to “Bad sewing

  1. Oh, you good soul, you.

  2. That sounds like more fun than I can handle! ROFL You’re a sweetie, I hope you get a nice treat in return. 🙂

  3. Karla

    I’ve had 4 pairs of new pants for DH sitting in the sewing room for 4 months. THAT’s how much I hate hemming pants. I keep thinking that he will gain weight, or lose weight, or grow, or retire….I’d hate to rush into an unnecessary project. You are a much, much nicer person than I am.

  4. Susan

    Least you think that is bad – many years ago DH used to coach high school football and guess who washed their uniforms? Yep – Moi! We live in a very small county with only one high school and the favorite sport was basketball. It was hard to even have enough players come out to play football much less think about winning but DH turned it around. The team went on to the state playoffs in a couple of years and it became an honor to play on the team. I’ve taken many players home, babysat them in our home while I made sure they did their homework (since they had no one at home who cared what they did) and baked many dozens of cookies for them. Wouldn’t trade it for anything – but no way do I want to wash those uniforms again. PHEW!

    Anyway, good for you! You have the best of machines to do it with and you did it for someone you care about.

    Susan (fabricluver)

  5. Oh my! That sounds very tedious! But the real reason I’m commenting is that my daughter cheers for one of the Ohio teams in the Herbstreitt Classic – Ohio vs. the USA! They play the finale game on Sunday (Moeller vs. Montgomery Bell)

  6. That’s so cool, Bonnie! My alma mater (no. 5 in US) plays Cincinnati Elder on Saturday! Alas, I’ll be home sewing but will catch the game on ESPN.

  7. I think you are just like the rest of us… we can’t resist helping others with our talents. Thumbs up!

  8. Gigi, there is a special place in Heaven for you! Talk about a labor of love. I need me a blind hemmer.

  9. designdreamer

    Karla, I was literally LOL at your comment – I could SO relate. I hate hemming too. Gigi, a 17 member football coaching staff for High School? Yikes! My kids’ High School might have 5. How big of a school is it? At any rate, you’re a saint!

  10. Jen

    Just another example of why we really need to keep our sewing talents TOP SECRET!! Then we don’t get called upon to do the last-minute grunt work. As friends walk thru the house, they ask “what’s behind that door?” pointing to the sewing room. We just yawn and say “oh, thats just storage …” But seriously, Gigi you are so nice to agree to this!! You’re an inspiration in so many ways. Thanks for your wonderful blog!!