Be still my heart!

I always get excited when I receive an email from Hot Patterns – last week was no exception! God, how much do I love these new patterns?!?!?!?!

I was just thinking that I’d like to make some sort of cardigan in a sweater knit – a cozy, long cardy with a ’70s feel. Along comes the Metropolitan Sweater Dress, Cardigan and Top! I LOVE the notch/split on the band – a perfect little unexpected detail.


I’ve also been looking for something different in the way of a dress so the Metropolitan Good Times Dress, Tunic & Top is a must-have for me. I want to make the dress with the placket neckline in a funky printed knit. I also love the tie-neckline which I’d leave open.


I have some wool doubleknit (with lycra!) that would be perfect for this little jacket, the Riviera Boulevard Cardigan Jacket.


And, how cool are these gauchos? They are divine, perfect for my black boots.


I can’t wait to add these to my collection!


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4 responses to “Be still my heart!

  1. Nancy k

    I ordered the little cardigan last week when I got the email. Not here yet. They have been really quick on mailing lately, but maybe they don’t have stock on this yet. I have some double knit too for this.

  2. Great patterns and really like the Metropolitan dress pattern.

  3. designdreamer

    I have what is probably a stupid question, but one of my pet peeves about the Hot Patterns site is that I can’t get a good look at the line drawings because they’re so small. How did you mange to get them this big?

  4. Katharine in Brussels

    Gigi, tell me you’ll nip in the waist of the Metro top! I love that dress option with the inset belt.