Butterick 5077

Yay! I finally found my battery charger so I can post again! So, let’s start with last things first, shall we?

I was kind of on the fence about this pattern but decided to try it because any detail at the hip is good for my figure (read, no hips).


I chose a funky jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics (long sold out, I’m afraid). I only bought two yards for a top but managed to have enough for this dress. I thought this print would keep the dress from looking too prissy. As you can see, the dress is more fitted through the torso than it appears on the model – that was the only thing that concerned me but I figured I could always take it in a little.


It went together very quickly and easily. I sewed a straight size 8 and shortened the sleeves and the skirt by an inch. Easy! One thing about this pattern that I really disliked was the way the tie was constructed. The pattern has you sew a loop onto the hip band through which the tie is threaded. I hated the idea of that so I incorporated the ties into the hip band which worked out really great and looks so much better. I just split the band at the loop marking and added enough length for the ties leaving 1/2″ space on each side for the knot. In order to do this I had to decide whether to widen the ties or narrow the hip band – they are different widths. I figured I couldn’t go wrong narrowing the hip band and that worked out well. You can see that my ties are quite a bit longer than on the original – I think they look better that way, personally.


Really, this is a great little dress that is perfect for work (not too low-cut) and goes together quickly. I’ll probably make it at least one more time because I just never seem to have enough work dresses. Maybe I should do my laundry more often…

I have other stuff to show so stay tuned!


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19 responses to “Butterick 5077

  1. Super cute! Makes me want to try the pattern… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Fabulous! I may have to grab this pattern next time I’m out.

  3. Gorgeous dress and I will have to add to my sewing list. Thanks for the review. I’m also a no hip person and that dress would be perfect. Maggy London patterns are really nice… I did a Maggy London mock wrap dress for a friend and she loves it.

  4. Summerset

    Another winner from the queen of knits!

  5. Gorgeous dress! I love the fabric too.

  6. Katharine in Brussels

    Lovely! The tie length was a judicious choice. When you say you sewed a straight 8, does that mean you skipped a FS adjustment too?

  7. Kara

    Very cute! I love the belt/tie change, and I too have no hips and must check this pattern out!

  8. Gorgeous dress. I am in LOVE with that print!

  9. i want to try that pattern too! beautiful dress. love the colors pink + brown ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I love your dress. It’s so simple yet elegant. I just finished a knit dress last night and thought I’d wait before using a knit again . They are not my favorite thing to sew.

  11. Jennifer

    Love the dress great material
    I have never ordered from Gorgeous Fabrics I think I will have to you always get great fabric from her

  12. That is soooo cute! I wish I saw this pattern last week when I went on my Butterick shopping spree (1.99 sale at Joanne’s). Your version is perfect.

  13. Wow, that is a perfect fabric/pattern design marriage, and I bet it’ll look smashing on you.

  14. Details like that are decidedly NOT good for my hips, though that dress is awesome. My waist would all but disappear in it. *sniff*

  15. I love your knit dresses , You make me want to use knits more often than I do.

  16. The dress looks super comfortable and is very pretty in that print. Now I want to sew knits too!

  17. Katharine in Brussels

    Miss you! Come back soon.

  18. That dress is really fun! And I love the fabric you picked ๐Ÿ˜€