Apparently, this beautiful black fabric


plus this adorable dress pattern


equals the most dowdy thing I’ve ever made!


Granted, the pairing of fabric and pattern was a huge misstep for me. But, really the overall shape of it is nothing short of tragic. Even my Hunny – who tells me I look beautiful in everything – made a terrible face when I tried it on. Apparently, he loves me enough not to let me go out in this.


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20 responses to “Blech

  1. It doesn’t look that dowdy on the dress form, but if you and your hunny don’t like it, give it to Goodwill. I’ve made that kind of mistake before and I never wear the result, so I give it to GW in the hopes that someone will love it and use it.

  2. Can you add some stretch lace to the neckline and hemline? Would a great belt, shoes and jewelry make it look better? Cause I agree with Ann it doesn’t look dowdy on the dress form at all. Now these are just suggestions…I am sure that you will do what’s best for you!

  3. I’m going to take your word for it, but I have found more than once that things sometimes look blah on the dressform and then look much better with a body inside of them. I think it looks fantastic – I’d put a red belt on it and wear it with red shoes. Shazam!

  4. Really? It doesn’t look bad on the dress form. Perhaps this dress is meant to be a supporting player in an ensemble. Or maybe it needs some fab accessories to give it some pop. At any rate, I feel your pain.

  5. I’m surprised as it looks pretty good on the dressform. Maybe the length? Great accessories would sharpen up the look

  6. OP Gal

    What are you talking about, dowdy? I think it’s beautiful and from what I’ve seen of you in your pictures, your curvy bod will make it sizzle. Don’t give up on it. I think the suggestion of the red belt and red shoes–especially the red shoes is a great idea and will make it pop.

  7. Summerset

    Hmm, well if you both don’t like it, I’m with Ann, someone at Goodwill will like it. There are more patterns and fabric out there that you know will be something fabulous. Time to move on.

  8. I agree that if you don’t like it, give it away. Maybe that pattern needs a more dramatic fabric?

  9. Oh well…..

    …but to me, it doesn’t look bad at all…hard for me to imagine you ever looking dowdy!

  10. Honestly, I actually really like it. I think I understand what you’re seeing when you use the word “dowdy”, but my interpretation is “ready for accessories”. I’m kind of with Toby; a pair of red leather boots, a red belt of some description, and some of those chunky red plastic bracelets that are back in (I suppose not ALL of the 80’s should stay dead), and you’d be ready to go!

    Most of the garments you make happen to have a great deal of their own delicious personality; maybe this particular garment really just wants to help you show off that one weird accessory in your closet that doesn’t go with anything else you own; some wacky scarf, or lime green crocodile belt or something!

  11. Seriously? Doesn’t work? I’ll have to take your word for it, ’cause it looks fine.

  12. Sandra

    I think it’s pretty – try pairing it with red
    accessories – bead necklace or bracelet, etc.
    If you still don’t like it you could chop the bottom
    off and wear it as a top.

  13. Phyllis

    Maybe not dowdy, but definitely way more conservative than the Gigi we know. But you can always do a reader give-away!

  14. Karla

    What if you hacked the skirt off and turned it into a sleeveless top? It might not be the most exciting item in your wardrobe, but when worn with with white shorts or pants, it might be pretty handy item to have, and you’d at least get to enjoy the fabric.

  15. Diane

    Well, I agree…it’s not dowdy at all. We probably need to see a picture of you in it to really judge. What I want to know is….what adorable, creative idea will you come up with to fix it?

  16. I think its lovely. Of course if I was anywhere near your size I would suggest that you it, then hotfoot it on over to your Goodwill and snap it up. Not gonna happen.

    I immediately thought of a bright yellow belt and shoes for spring or as a backdrop for good silver and/or onyx jewelry.

  17. Well, somehow I dropped the word “donate” from my post above.

  18. Di

    I think it looks quite nice on the dressform. Of course on a person things look quite a bit different. I loved the pattern cover so much, I just purchased my own! Thanks for the idea.

    Can’t wait to get it!

  19. helo … it’s beautiful … ^_^

  20. I think with the right accessories it will look wonderful, Can you tell me – is that pattern still available. I would love in couple yrs when my son gets married to be slim enough to wear it. It is beautiful dress.