Butterick 5077

I really wanted something new to wear to dinner tonight but I am so horrible at sewing under pressure and I really wanted to cut out my silk tunic today! Then I remembered that this dress was finished but for the hems. I knew I wanted to wear black high-heeled boots tonight so I tried everything on and it looks great together – what luck!


It took me a lot longer than expected to finish it up as the fabric did not take very well to the blindstitch machine. No amount of adjusting the bite helped – yuck!


So, I hemmed the skirt by hand which was quite relaxing as I was watching Elizabeth: The Golden Age. But the sleeves are snug over the forearm and needed to stretch. Really, the blindstitch machine would have been perfect but the final result was unsatisfactory. Handstitches would pop and I didn’t want to use a twin needle since there was no other topstitching on the dress. What to do? Well, I am a great big cheater! I finished the sleeve hems (just to fool anyone who might look at them!) and then fused them with Steam-A-Seam Lite for an invisible, stretchy hem. Don’t tell anyone!




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10 responses to “Butterick 5077

  1. Let’s hear it for Steam-A-Seam! That product has saved me with knit hems more times than I care to mention. Great dress; enjoy dinner.

  2. Oh I love that! You know, I hate to admit it, I have never used steam-a-seam. I’ll have to go out and get some now.

  3. Okay I’ve used that trick more than once! *LOL* So your secret is safe with me!

  4. Clever girl, glad you found a solution. It’s a very cute dress!

  5. Summerset

    No, I’d never tell! Love, love, love that fabric. You have such an eye for these sorts of prints!

  6. …your steam-a-seam secret is safe with me….

  7. meg

    I adore that fabric, so gorgeous.

  8. Oooh I love that fabric! Very cute dress and I bet it looked stunning with black boots.

  9. Katharine in Brussels

    Oh this is so YOU! Where’s a picture of you in it? Gigi’s Hunny, can you grab the camera and take a pic?

  10. designdreamer

    I see nothing wrong with using the steam-a-seam, but will it hold??