Jess dropped off a little gift for me on Wednesday.


By Wednesday night I received the following text: ‘how r my pants coming?’. I promised that I would get to them this weekend ’cause I just love hemming, you know? šŸ™‚ This morning I awoke feeling pretty sluggish. I stayed out way too late last night and made too much merriment. I figured it was a good time to hem the pants. Either that or screw up my silk tunic.

I used to dread hemming jeans but the walking foot machine has turned this chore into a super-quick and easy job. I just cut the excess length off with a quilting ruler and rotary cutter. I allowed a 1″ hem – 1/2″ to be turned under twice. I don’t bother to press. I just eyeball it and fold it under as I go.


Here are the cords all finished. The stitches look wonky but that’s corduroy for you. I was too lazy to wind a bobbin with white topstitching thread so I just used the #69 bonded nylon that was already on the machine.


When I got to the jeans I called Jess and told him I didn’t have any orange topstitching thread so these would have to wait until I could get to the store. He informed me that he did not care what color I used and that no one would notice anyway. He suggested black then I was going to use navy but, in the end, I decided on plain old blue jean gold. I’m not thrilled with it but it’s done. I will pick up some orange topstitching thread next week so that I’ll be ready next time.


Now he wants to know when I’ll be finished with the four dress shirts that need tapering…

I also bought myself a present this week:


This is a swing-out adjustable cloth guide for my overlock. It will really come in handy when I’m using knit patterns that have 3/8″ or 5/8″ seam allowances. Too bad I forgot to order the attachment screw…

Parting shot (thanks to Summerset for starting this trend!)-

My dad, who lived in Cannes, sent me this several decades ago. It’s meant for tablescraps. Without it’s lid it is perfect for bits of fabric and thread – very handy right behind the sewing machine, n’est-ce pas?



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4 responses to “Alterations…

  1. Gigi, it’s so good to see you blogging again. I miss you. ~Sherril~

  2. Dotty Ivey

    I kow what you mean about altering for your darling child. My dd surprises me with items needing alterations frequently…always saying”I’ll help you mom!” Considering she does not know how to thread a sewing machine, that is a strange offer.
    But, after paying a fortune to an alterations shop that messed up her clothes, she thinks that I am the greatest in the world!
    Truth be told, I’m glad to do it for her!

  3. Hi there,

    I would love when you get to altering the shirts, if you have the time, to show how you go about tapering the dress shirts. I have a brother who constantly asks me to do the same thing, but always put him off because I find it to be such a daunting task. Thanks so much!

    Take care,

  4. I have one of those guides on my industrial serger. It’s a godsend. Now you have me jonesing for a walking foot machine, you bad, bad girl!