Milly Tunic – final!

I sewed a little bit each day this week and managed to finish the tunic today while catching up on season 2 of The Tudors.

I’m really happy with the way this turned out and am anxious to cut another out of the crinkled silk chiffon.


I know it looks kind of maternity on the dressform but it really is flattering on thanks to the bust darts and fitted back. It will look great with white pants or shorts this summer. I tend to favor tops that are quite fitted through the midriff so it’s fun to mix it up a little.

Nancy asked why I put the eyelets in before joining the upper and lower bodic pieces. I guess I did that by force of habit – sometimes it isn’t possible to get the pliers in when you need to insert an eyelet or snap in the interior of the garment. Of course, because the neckline is open on this garment, it would have made more sense to insert the eyelets after the seam had been sewn. Good call!

Nancy also nominated me for a Sisterhood Award! I am honored and grateful to be your sewing sister!


I am supposed to nominate ten other sewing bloggers for this award. Naturally, all the blogs I already read have been nominated but I will work on that in the next few days. Sew on!

ETA: This pattern is from Burda Nähen: Mode Quick & Easy #E-715 from 2003. It is in German and was sent to me by a friend in Germany. The pattern is Bluse #1.


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16 responses to “Milly Tunic – final!

  1. That is GORGEOUS! I say screw the clown uniform – wear this tonight!

  2. It’s beautiful and I love how you’ve manipulated the fabric to get the best use of the border!!!

  3. So cute!! I love this top. You’re right on time for St. Patrick’s Day.

  4. Beautiful top! I hope you enjoy wearing it!

  5. Summerset

    Absolutely gorgeous! I can totally see this with summer whites.

  6. This tunic is amazing – you really took advantage of the fabric’s beauty by the pattern placement you chose.

  7. Nancy K

    I love this tunic and the fabric is really perfect for it. What BWOF pattern number is this please?

  8. meg

    Beautiful top. I didn’t miss an episode of the first series of the Tudors, but the second serious left me behind. I barely made it through the first episode. What did you think?

  9. Gigi…this is gorgeous! Love everything about it!

  10. I love it. I’m not seeing any “maternity” in it at all- I think it’s fabulous! I bet I’d shell out for it in a store (and I haven’t bought clothes in a store in…. over a year!)

  11. Joline

    Beautiful, as always. You inspire me.

  12. This is a great top for spring. Nice work!

  13. Gigi – I gotta tell you, I am no fan of tunics in general; I think too many sewers just slap them together and they don’t bother to apply design criteria to such a simple garment, but this is a brilliant example of how they *really* should look!

  14. lindsay t

    Stunning! Now why don’t you ever model your garments?!

  15. Sharon

    SO CUTE!!! What pattern # is this? I tried to look it up but can’t find it, Thanks!!