I’ve gone to the dark side…

I always swore I’d never quilt. Then I made this quilt for my DMIL’s birthday a few years ago (she collects turtles). I double-swore at that time that I’d never do it again. The fact that I made this start to finish in about two days may have had something to do with that.


Well, lately I’ve been feeling the urge to have some sort of non-garment project to work on when I’m feeling too tired for cutting and fitting clothing. A couple of months ago, I made some silly chicken placemats (I LOVE chickens), which was fun but over too quickly. I needed a long-term project and decided on a quilt.


I attended the Broward County Quilt Expo yesterday and picked up a Moda Layer Cake kit, a really cool pattern/template (yes, I forgot to buy the 3.5″ matching template so I had to order it online today!) and the Cabo Halter. I was too overwhelmed to get anything else!




What can I say? Never say never! But, you can still expect my sewing to be 95% (or more) garments – that will never change. And don’t expect either of these quilts to be done anytime soon. I will work on them whenever I feel like it with no plan to finish them anytime soon.

And, finally, congratulations to my good friend, Sharon Beyer, for winning Best of Show! I had planned to post a photo of her with her award-winner but I forgot to charge my camera battery before leaving the house. 😦


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11 responses to “I’ve gone to the dark side…

  1. Sometimes a person needs a change of pace. Enjoy making the quilt.

  2. That turtle quilt is awesome! Especially for a first quilt. There’s nothing wrong with diversifying your creative energies so long as you continue to have a good time.

  3. cidell

    Hee hee. I’ve been meaning to qoute you. The no fitting is nice and it’s new fabric to look at. My mom and I used to love to go to quilt shows together. I’m still mostly clothes, it just nice to have something to take a break with.

  4. uh-oh….you decide to drop the BWOF subscription, now this….can hamburger casserole recipes be far behind…..? {{{–GRIN—}}}


    Actually, the very reason you are doing some quilting is why I do so much sewing for my nieces….easy cutting…no fitting….bright colors..all fun!

  5. Oh I’ve done the occasional quilt project here and there; The great thing about having daughters is that you can make doll quilts, which are super quick projects. The thing that drives me crazy abuot the quilting crowd is they seem to think the damn things are art with a capital “A” (some are, 99.9% are NOT) or they think quilts are the personification of feminine virtue.

  6. No Gigi, no! Stay away from the Ott Light!!!!! Come back to garment sewing… {{{sob!}}} We can’t lose you to that other side!

  7. i said the same thing about 10 years ago (why would you buy fabric, cut it apart, and put it back together?). but, it’s nice to have something to sew that doesn’t shift or is squirrly, and you don’t have to fit it. i find the mindless piecing very soothing and calming, and i do enjoy playing with all the pretty prints that i would never use in a garment. i go through spurts — sometimes i do a bunch of quilts, sometimes i don’t quilt for years.

  8. I find quilting very relaxing. And you can use fabric you would never dream of wearing.

  9. Mary Scharosch


    Help! I am a quilter, and I have made many pieces of clothing, but never drafted a pattern. I just inherited the original Miss Haslam Dress pattern Drafting books from the 40’s. My Mom took the Haslam courses curing the war in Britain. In moving someone tossed out the pattern drafting boards! I have tried to find a replacement, but in America it appears to be immpossible.
    Anyone out there have one? Thank you!

  10. I think it’s good to branch out. You’ve done a great job, so be happy. Nothing wrong with a little of the dark side. lol.

  11. Linda T

    It is nice to have some diversity in your hobbies. That way there is always something to work on and more to learn. Gotta exercise those brain cells!