Preparing for the week ahead

I didn’t get a lot done this weekend, unfortunately. The Boyfriend had a softball tournament this past week so I spent all day yesterday at the park. To be fair, he did tell me to stay home and sew but there I was.

Today, I finally pressed the crinkled silk for another WOF tunic. That seemed to take *forever* but now that it’s done I can cut it out tomorrow.


I also put together my quilt sandwich. After kneeling on my tile floor for 45 minutes, I decided that I should stick with smaller quilts in the future -something that will fit on my cutting table.

Renee asked how I planned to quilt this project. I really enjoy free-motion quilting and find it very relaxing. It’s very easy once you get the hang of it but does take practice. I am not particularly *good* at it in the traditional sense. I do not meander as I am really horrible at it. I am better at loops and swirls (which I happen to really like better anyway) so that’s what I usually stick with.

The first step is dropping or covering the feed dogs (check your manual on how to do this) on your sewing machine. I’m working on a commercial machine so I remove my feeder completely.


Next, attach a freemotion or darning foot to the machine. Before beginning bring the bobbin thread up to the top so that you don’t get any snarls or knots on the underside. Then take a few stitches to secure the thread and clip the tails (don’t forget to lower the presser foot). Then it’s time to start the fun! The key is to run the machine fast and move the work slowly. I work with my hands on either side of the foot and concentrate on a 6″ square area at a time. You can wear rubber gloves or gardening gloves with rubber palms to help you guide the fabric more easily. Then just play around until you get the hang of it. I always practice on scraps before I get started to warm up and check the tension.


ETA: When I am working with a larger item to be quilted I spray the sewing machine table with silicone to make it easier to slide around as I’m quilting. Please take care and do not spray the floor – I do not want you to slip and break a leg!


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10 responses to “Preparing for the week ahead

  1. Jeanette

    Hi Gigi, have you seen this youtube video? It’s showing the Sharon Schambler method of basting a quilt. There is actually two parts to it. You wrap the fabric on long boards and then can baste even a large quilt in a small space. I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to this week on a couple of larger quilts that I’ve made. I’ve have been quilting lately instead of fashion sewing and heard about the method on a quilting forum. BTW, I like your swirls and will have to try that. I haven’t mastered my free motion quilting yet. 😀 Glad you are posting again. Jeanette in Calgary

  2. Sally

    For someone who doesn’t quilt very much, you could never tell it by your quilting. It looks as if you’ve been doing it for years. VERY nice work. I love your loops. Sally

  3. Gigi…love the fabrics you have chosen for this quilt! …and thanks for the sewing tips.

    The silk look fabulous….a really nice print..such delicious colors!

  4. cidell

    Ummm, Gigi. You had me fooled! That’s amazing! Ok, I’ll give the machine quilting a go. My desire to handquilt a queen size quilt was minimal.

    One other thought, would you consider using the ‘handstitch’ quilt on a machine or just the regular quilt? You know, maybe I should try it first before asking you!

  5. Renee, are you referring to the hand-look quilting stitch? I would probably use it on a smaller project. I just find freemotion quilting to be a lot easier on larger projects because you’re not limited by the feeders.

  6. I love that silk! So pretty. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  7. Great going on the quilting! I like the contrasting thread.

  8. nice!I have also gone over to the dark side..hee hee.
    I saw a quilt that I could picture looking cute in my condo. It’s a color wheel quilt.

    That free motion quilting looks fun. thanks for the tips, that’s all I need to get impulsive and give it a whirl.

  9. Looks great. You have great hands, too!

  10. Love the swirls. I don’t know why so many sewers think quilting is a sell-out, and vice-versa! I love all of it and find so much information that is transferable from one form to the other, including all the other needles-arts out there.

    Thanks for sharing. It’s great to see your process all the way through to the finished product.