Quilt and tunic – plugging away!

I’ve been kind of hacking away at my two current projects – a little bit every day!

I am LOVING my quilting setup! Until my Consew 105 is ready to bring home I decided to use my Singer 20U for the quilt. It has a table behind it making it perfect for large projects. I like the fact that I can work on the quilt for a few minutes and then just put the needle down, turn it off and leave everything until next time. It’s great because I don’t feel the need to hurry up and finish and it doesn’t interfere with my garment sewing.


I’m happy with the way it’s turning out. Nothing earthshattering but I thought it would be a great way to practice my freemotion work and I’ll end up with something perfect for curling up on the couch.


The tunic has been cut out as well. Because the fabric is very wispy and slithery I taped it to my cutting board so that everything would stay on grain while I was cutting.


I also pulled out the box of extra-fine Clover pins that I bought several years ago. They are really nice for chiffons but you do need to “weave” them in because they will otherwise fall out. I’m not really a big pinner but I wanted to use a few on the darts to keep everything straight.


Parting shot:

The Phals are blooming! Most of you don’t know this but years ago (before I became a mother) I was very heavily into orchids. They are, without a doubt, my very favorite flower. These days, I stick mainly to the easy ones that don’t require much attention. My phaelonopsis always spoil me with flowers and I love having them around the house!



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10 responses to “Quilt and tunic – plugging away!

  1. Oh how I love orchids! Unfortunately I have a brown thumb. Great idea to tape the fabric to to the cutting board.

  2. Ummm, can we talk about your beautiful red industrial sewing machine. Who is the maker? Is it still available? Is it straight stitch only?

  3. Umm. Doh. Wait, I re-read. You clearly state the machine.

  4. Your quilt is coming along nicely. Did I mention before that I love all the fabrics you’re using for it?

  5. katharinec

    Wow–stunning work in FME! Glad that your orchids are blooming in your life again 🙂

  6. I like your pink thread. You have a nice set up. Enjoy the quilting.

  7. The quilt looks great. I’m the opposite of you. About 95% of my sewing is quilts and the other 5% is clothing.

  8. your work is beautiful. what foot did you decide to use for the quilting?

  9. Linda T

    I am envious of your quilting setup. I have been wanting to be able to put a table behind my machine for those big projects like full length dresses and quilts. I love the quilting you are doing. It looks great against those lovely fabrics.

    I love orchids but I have a purple thumb. Perhaps I will try to grow this kind. Thank you!

  10. I just posted about cutting slippery fabrics like this on my blog. They can be really easy to control if you try specific things!