I’m moving at a snail’s pace!

So much for my goal of completing one garment per week, huh? Things have been hectic this month and my sewing has gone nowhere fast. I’m still working on the same two projects, eek! I decided yesterday that I’d start getting up even earlier than I already do and hit the treadmill in the morning vs. running outdoors after work. I do love getting outside in the evening but this way I get some sewing time instead. I did it this morning and found the treadmill as incredibly boring as always but I will try to stick with it.

And I almost forgot – I have a new baby!


This is a Consew 105 straight-stitch. I played with her for about 45 minutes yesterday and am in love. Eventually, she will get a paint job but she’s in pretty good shape and sews great.

Notice the extra-large space in the arm – I was feeling a bit cramped when working on large projects on the Singer 20U. By now you are wondering just how many machines this crazy sewer needs, aren’t you? Well, probably just one more – a cylinder-arm machine. And a friend of mine just happens to have a lead on a Singer 17 class… After that, I may have to call it quits.

UPDATE: Well, since Diane asked, I had to take a count. Eighteen. Half of them are industrials. Huh, more than I thought. I thought I was at 15 but then I was always bad at math – unless it was in 5/8″ increments.


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12 responses to “I’m moving at a snail’s pace!

  1. Diane in Michigan

    So, how many machines in total then?

  2. Yikes! I am at One-Eight – 18. More than I thought… If I add any more I’ll have to spread beyond my two sewing rooms!

  3. Think of yourself as an artist (which you are by the way). You don’t expect a great painter like Monet to have had 1 or 2 paint brushes so 18 sewing machines…hey it works for you 🙂

    CarlaF-in Atlanta who’s seriously thinking about buying a coverstitch machine…like today 🙂

  4. Sara

    This is exactly the machine I have!

  5. You know, I’d love to at least have the bed of my W&G indsutrial re-painted. Most of the enamel has worn off from use.

  6. Phyllis, you can tape off the neck and repaint the bed – no problem!

  7. bernie

    OOOOOH AHHHHHHH – nice machine.

  8. Thanks for this article

  9. I am hoping you could give me your opinion on which industrial long-arm or, at least, larger throat I could/should buy. I have a chance to go for a Consew 206rb 18″ for $1500 but I have no idea if that’s good. I am an art quilter and already have a domestic machine. Thanks so much; I love to read and learn from your blog.

  10. Stacey

    Hi Gigi,
    I hope my question is not a bother. I am NOT the sewing godess that you are (although I aspire to be) as I only have one lonely domestic machine. However, I am begining to attept making new cushions for my couch and came across the oppertunity to purchase a consew 105 at a very reasonable price. Do you think this machine is ok for this purpose? Also, do you have any advive about what to look for if/when I go to see the machine? Thanks so very much for any advice!