Kiwi Sew 3616

This past Saturday morning I burst out of bed, made coffee and dashed to my sewing room, excited to begin my day. I’ve been “almost done” with my silk tunic for quite a few weeks now. Saturday was the day I was going to quickly stitch on the neckline binding and do my finish work before moving on to another project.

So, I cut my bias binding and ran it through the folder. Hmm, not so good – really uneven. Easy to fix, right? I’ll just spray it heavily with some starch and try again. Willing to fix? No!!!!

Okay, I’ll cut the binding extra wide, starch it, stretch it and then recut it evenly. Makes sense, right? Tell that to the uncooperative crinkled silk! No problem, I thought, I’ll heavily starch the fabric and recut the strips. Does this work to my satisfaction? No!

By this time, I am having words with the silk, calling it some very, very bad names. So, I decided that, despite my desire to toss the whole project into the wastebasket, I would instead put it aside and work on something that is guaranteed to be fun, easy and fast.

And here it is, Kwik-Sew 3616! I’ve had this pattern in my stash since it first came out sometime last year (I think). I love kimono sleeves and the slim fit through the torso. It is definitely a winner!



I made the XS with a couple of adjustments: A full-bust adjustment and a neckline gaposis correction. They were super-easy and I’ll show you how to do that tomorrow. Can’t you just see this lengthened into a dress??? It would be so cute!


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13 responses to “Kiwi Sew 3616

  1. Oh that is fantastic! I love the fabric. Can’t wait to see your tutorials.

  2. Silk’s tough. Looks great!

  3. Gigi…totally cute!

    I passed on that pattern, but will be getting it now that I’ve seen yours….fabulous!

  4. Sometimes, you just need a KwikSew! There is no better pattern for knocking out a fast project. And, yes, 3616 would make a very cute dress.

  5. Very nice top, and I can see it lengthened into a dress.

  6. So this is the silk you mentioned wrestling with on FB? Why is it best-laid plans never work out? But hey, that KS top is really cute….

  7. Hi,

    I added your blog to a new sewing blog directory that sort blogs by freshness. The blogs with new posts are always moved up to the top. Please check it out and recommend it to your sewing blogger friends!

    Thank you!


  8. Gigi – this is a really cute top!

  9. cidell

    I need a break too 🙂 This should put you right back on track. Loverly!

  10. Beautiful! KS needs to use your version for their envelope and pattern book.

  11. Sharon

    Totally cool! You pick the loveliest prints to work with. I’ve been looking for a pattern just like this for a top I want to make!

  12. A perfect needle I found that complimented the project is the
    Piecemaker Tapestry Needle made in Japan. Thank you!