A Perfect Sewing Day!

It started out good – last night’s leftover Mexican food for breakfast – and only got better from there. Up until 15 minutes ago, I was still in my robe SEWING!!! For my VACATION!!! Then reality set in and I was forced to go to the pool store. 🙂 Now I’m back and ready to cut out a few more tops but, first, I wanted to share my last two (for now) versions of Kwik-Sew 3616. Both are sleeveless with buttons/loops at the center front.

The first is a mystery fabric from my collection. Someone gave this to me and I wasn’t that wild about it at first but it’s grown on me. It is amazingly silky-soft! I thought about matching the print across the front but I thought it would be too much of a horizontal where I don’t need it.


This is one of those fabrics I can’t seem to resist: a challenging print! This one came from Bestonline Fabrics (link on the sidebar). It was actually kind of difficult to find a pattern with pieces that would fit the panels. Still, I had to cut the upper fronts across the grain to fit them in – thank goodness for the 4-way stretch.


This is the back. Here you can see what the yardage looked like as a whole.


I found these *perfect* buttons in my collection. This is why, unless you live near the garment district, you also need a button stash! I think I bought these about 10 years ago. It’s kind of hard to see but they are clear acrylic with tiny rhinestones.


Back to the cutting room!


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23 responses to “A Perfect Sewing Day!

  1. What a pair of super-fantastic tops! I completely agree about the buttons. Everyone needs a notions stash!

  2. Love the prints! Great looking tops.

  3. Both tops are gorgeous but naturally the second one is very interesting because of your use of the fabric.Wow!I want to make one just like it!.

  4. More cute tops! I hope you had great sewing day. What a treat!

  5. Okay, I love the tops! The first is nice but the second one is awesome!!! The way that print runs through the waistline has to make you look sooooo slim! You definitely have a way with these types of prints!

  6. WOW wow wow! Both tops are just fabulous!

    Gigi…you are the “Princess of Prints”..the “Mistress of Matching”…OK, OK, I’ll stop, LOL!

    …let’s just say you are awesome.

  7. I am absolutely in LOVE with your fabric choices..especially the blue one. Those are wonderful to look at!! Now if only I could find that same blue print….

  8. Shirley

    Dear Gigi.
    I hope you don’t mind me asking you a question on the comments section but I can’t seem to find an email address.
    It seems you are the expert when it comes to industrial coverstitch for home use and I wondered if you could tell me whether I can do all the same things on an industrial as I could with a Baby Lock coverstitch?

    I have the option of purchasing a KANSAI WF-8803D or W8103F for a third of the price of the Baby Lock BLCS. I want to be able to do the bindings and to use decorative embroidery and metallic threads in the machine but I don’t know if industrials allow this. Also I’m a little confused when you talk about flat beds for bindings?

    I will be purchasing the generic binders you mention.

    I am not able to visit anywhere that I can try the machines so would really value your advice on this please if you have the time to answer.

    Many thanks for your time.


    • Hi Shirley, I have the WX-8803D and the W-8103F. The 8103F is for binding *only* – it uses special collarette binders that slide onto a post on the machine. Due to the extra-long left feeder and the special single-toed foot (not to mention that it does not have a flat bed) it is not suitable for flat work. The 8803D is a flat bed machine and can use plate binders that screw into the bed as well as belt loop folders, downturn fellers, etc. Both machines have both top and bottom cover, but, if you are buying a used machine the upper spreader has often been removed or broken off. I wasn’t able to find any used ones with an operational top spreader so I ended up buying both new. I like the top cover for decorative and variegated threads. Yes, you can use decorative threads in both machines. If you look in the Sewing Machine category on this blog, you will see photos of both machines.

      The BLCS is a great little machine that is very, very easy to use and does a beautiful job hemming and binding. It does not have a top cover though.

      I hope I have answered your questions – good luck with your purchase.

      • Shirley

        Dear Gigi.
        Thank you so much, I really appreciate your advice. Its going to be the 8803D for me then as I want all that ‘freedom to create’!
        I want to make a quilt for my grandson and use decorative threads around the squares but of course the harp on the BLCS is tiny so will stop me doing fancy work otherwise I would have purchased that machine in a heartbeat.

        It was lovely ‘speaking’ with you. Thank you for giving me your time 🙂


    • Sorry, Shirley, I see there is only a photo of the 8803 here. I’ll try to post one of the 8103F today.

  9. So cute, Gigi. I love the aqua top, brilliant. (You must love to solve puzzles!) And don’t those acrylic buttons come in handy? Yes to stashing.

  10. vernonfashionstudio

    What a great way to spend most of your day…in your robe just induging your passion. It is like a mini-vacation. Love that! The tops are adorable. Love your way with prints.

    Linda T

  11. That sounds like a fantastic day – Mexican for breakfast, yum-o! I love both your tops, but that tuquoise one really calls me name – such gorgeous fabric!!! I think I need that pattern. 🙂

  12. These are both gorgeous, but I especially LOVE the bottom one. You did a wonderful job matching the fabric to the pattern and your precise lay out really paid off.

  13. I like a LOT! Gigi, you are a master of knits and pattern placement.

  14. cidell

    That is like the coolest fabric ever!

  15. Summerset

    Both are fabulous – that second one really steals the show. Yes, a perfect sewing day for you!

  16. Very well done – love the Op Art-ish looking and you kept with that style all way to the buttons!

  17. Great tops, love what you did with the fabric on the second one. Thanks for sharing.

  18. OMGoodness those tops are absolutely gorrrrrrgeous… Love the colors.

  19. wow, I’m loving both of those tops! You cerainly made excellent use of the varying prints on the second top, too! I don’t usually go for non-lingerie KwikSew patterns, but I’m adding this one to my WishList right now…

  20. I like both tops but the second one really appeals to me. I love the fabric and like how you used it. I also like this pattern, I need to go to KS site and see if it is still around.