Kwik-Sew 3120

I had such high hopes for this pattern. To be honest, I found the fit a little strange. I made this a few years ago and knew it ran small through the bust and loose through the torso. I made a 1″ FBA (for a total of 2″ extra through the bust) and then removed the extra width below the bust. It’s still too snug through the bust and too loose through the waist! It looks like I need to remove about 1/2″ more at each side seam but didn’t bother doing that on this top. There is something about it that I don’t like and I think it’s the fabric. It feels too Patio Sportswear to me. It’s probably the colors – you do get Tropical Color Overload living in South Florida! I will definitely make another version so I gave it the wearability test yesterday so that I can alter the pattern. I guess I’ll keep it and just wear it around the house with shorts.

Notice that I didn’t match the stripes at the raglan seam. There just wasn’t enough fabric and the repeat was really long so I fudged it as best I could. I think it looks okay.


Here’s a closeup of the lacing detail. I originally intended to use self-fabric cord but I didn’t like the look so I cut a 1/4″ wide strip of Ultrasuede from my collection.


On the cutting table: I bought this from Textile Studios a couple of years ago. Ricki has given it her stamp of approval!



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17 responses to “Kwik-Sew 3120

  1. Your Kwik Sew t-shirts are really very impressive.

  2. I agree with Ricki, I like that fabric too. I think the top looks pretty cute. But a wearable muslin is better than a wadder.

  3. Mechelle

    Ohhh I really like the top, I live in S(W)FL too, but guess I haven’t gotten the “tropical color overload” yet! 🙂 I also just ordered this pattern yesterday, now I can’t wait to get it!

  4. I like the color too, and it does have that “patio sportswear” look, but hey up here where it is still cold and dreary (or hot humid and dreary) anything other than gray looks mighty nice.

  5. Meredith P

    Being a former Floridian, I know what you mean about the color, but I really like that top. Really, at least in NC, these are just summer colors, but of course it’s summer 100% of the time in Florida. One of the reasons I moved out of state 🙂

  6. Gigi…I love this top…the suede lacing really makes it special. Then again, everything you make is special! Love the colors too.

  7. Gigi – I sooooo need to move to southern Florida because you sew the colors and patterns that my soul longs to sew while I live in a sea of black and gray! I love the lacing detail and will have to get some grommets so that I can try that out!

    This is a cute top and I can’t wait to see the next one!

    • Ah, but I long to make more wools! I have to get a real headstart on “winter” sewing so that I don’t miss the handful of cold days. 😦 Seasons! I want seasons! And more wool.

  8. I like that top. But then, I love tropical prints and wish we had more up here in the Pacific Northwest. Love, love, LOVE Ricky’s little mustache too. You always do such nice work.

  9. Love the lacing, love the top. Love Ricki!

  10. Janine

    I remember Ricki when she was just a kitten in a basket…

    Eh to the shirt, I agree it is for cleaning around the house. Why work so hard on that pattern when you have others that are fabulous? It’s not like you have oodles of time on your hands.

    • You are right about that! I was thinking that I should just add the lacing detail to one of my other tops that are more flattering on me.

      Remember when I used to bring Ricki to the shop in a picnic basket? I took her everywhere so that the other cats wouldn’t beat her up. Hehe, now she’s twice their size and intimidates them!

  11. Well it’s a great top and to hell with matching seams at the shoulder. What a great-looking cat! I miss having a cat.

  12. Cherie

    Oh, do wear this out of the house – it’s a cute top, no one will know your problems with it, and it would certainly look cute with white, and how about with blue jean capris or crops? I really like the grommets, and the ultrasuede makes a great tie.

  13. Summerset

    Yeah, I know it’s FL Patio style, I lived in FL long enough to know, *but* it looks good from grey gloomy New England! Now Ricki is a beautiful cat, and fashion smart, too!

  14. What a beautiful top! You did such a great job with it!

  15. Rose

    Hi – I’m normally a lurker but I have to comment on Ricki’s mustache – too darn cute! I am always impressed with your finished objects. This one is no exception.